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Traditional seaside slammed as one of UK’s ‘most disappointing’ beaches



Morecambe is known as one of the UK’s traditional , however according to a new study, its has left some tourists disappointed. The study conducted by Preply analysed Tripadvisor reviews to uncover the top 10 beaches that “haven’t quite hit the mark for some visitors” and listed Morecambe Beach among the “most disappointing” in the UK.

Sat on the Lancashire coast, Morecambe is a classic English seaside town that was famous for its illuminations long before Blackpool illuminations lit up.

The town of Morecambe is set entirely around the seafront promenade, which looks out across five miles of coastline. And up top, it’s worth noting that plenty of people visit Morecambe every year to enjoy the nearby attractions, including the Winter Gardens and entertainment at Pleasureland.

However, in the last few years, the beach has been slammed by reviewers on Tripadvisor. According to Preply’s research, the beach ranked as the second “most disappointing” beach in the UK. The .

One visitor to Morecambe Beach in March 2023, described the beach as “the seaside town they forgot to shut down.”

They wrote: “Dreadful. Dirty, run-down, nearly as many boarded-up shops as Barrow…Dreadful, dreary, and the only redeeming feature is the view from the seafront.

“Some of the people are the best you will ever meet anywhere, but the town, it’s a hell hole. Avoid.” [SIC]

A second reviewer commented: “Each time I visit Morecambe, I increasingly wonder whether this once proud and famously successful town has reached the point of ‘no return’.

“It resembles a deserted Hollywood film set which has outlived its usefulness and is desperately awaiting revival and another box-office success story to revive its fortunes.”

However, many visitors to the seaside town, including those who left negative reviews, commented on the beautiful views from the promenade.

Perhaps one of the most unique things about Morecambe is the stunning vistas of the Lakeland Fells in the distance. And when the tide goes out, visitors can walk for miles along the sandy shoreline.

Morecambe also has a rich history behind it, having been one of the UK’s most popular seaside resorts in the mid-20th century. The seaside town’s convenient location and railway links drew wealthy visitors from surrounding Lancashire, Yorkshire and even Scotland.

These days, Morecambe still offers a number of attractions and events to draw in tourists, including the Tutti Frutti 1950s Festival, Kite Festival and Jazz Festival.

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