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European city named UK’s most in-demand holiday destination for 2024



Are you more of a traveller who sticks to the same places year after year or do you like to go and experience somewhere new?

Do you prefer to relax and chill on a beach or do you like to go and explore the city and its history.

New research by Desert Safari Dubai Tours has found the most in-demand holiday destinations Brits want to go and visit.

The study looked at search terms including “holidays to”, “flights to”, and “trips to” over the last 12 months to find the rankings.

Commenting on the findings, Magdalena Petrusic from Desert Safari Dubai Tours said: “It’s interesting to note how many of these destinations are located in Europe, and some are a relative stone’s throw away, which highlights the demand the UK has for warmer weather, and how people don’t want to go far for it.

“While many destinations worldwide may have affordable accommodation, the cost of flights makes the difference in decision-making when booking holidays, and it can often be a better option for a short-haul flight away.”

Are any of these destinations on your travel list?

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