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Britain’s ‘wettest city’ has been named with the most rainfall



Compact and hilly, is the vibrant and historic capital of Edinburgh, attracting over four million visitors annually, injecting £1.2 billion into the local economy. While tourists from around the world come to admire the city’s ornate streets and long-standing buildings, one thing they might not come for is the .

According to new research from Betfair Slingo, which looked at data from weather stations active in 2023, Edinburgh is the “wettest city” in Great Britain, with a total of 14601.33mm of rainfall last year.

The Scottish city also made it into the top 10 “wettest cities” over the last year, coming in second place with 14,601.33mm of rainfall. The city was beaten only by another Scottish metropolis, Ayr, which experienced 14,602.86mm of rain over the last 10 years.

Scotland also made regular appearances in the top 10 rainiest cities last year, with the town of Ayr coming in second place (1,359.71mm), Perth in fourth spot (1,255.14mm) and Glasgow in fifth (1,219.06mm).

However, that’s not to say there isn’t plenty of sunshine to be had in Edinburgh, even when the weather is chilly.

According to data from the Met Office‘s Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh climate station, May is the sunniest month in Edinburgh, based on data collected between 1991 and 2020.

In May, on average, the Scottish city enjoys 194.66 hours of sunshine. And if you are looking to try and avoid the rain, May is also the driest month. Based on the data, the rainiest months are December and January.

Regardless of the weather, though, there are plenty of attractions that draw global visitors to the historic city. On a sunny day, one of the best ways to enjoy Edinburgh is simply by walking around.

Pay a visit to the Meadows, a massive park near the University of Edinburgh’s central campus, where you will see plenty of people enjoying picnics, playing sports and sunbathing.

You can also venture to Holyrood Park, just a short walk from Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, where you can hike up to the famed Arthur’s Seat.

If you do get caught in the rain, the city is awash with bars, cafés and restaurants beckoning people in from the downpour. There is also a plethora of galleries and museums, the majority of which are free to enjoy.

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