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World’s most dangerous destination is a top Spanish hotspot



Eager to book a holiday? British tourists have been warned to be careful as holiday booking scams are on the rise and some popular destinations, including Spain, have been especially targeted by scammers.

According to Action Fraud, British holidaymakers lost over £12million to scams last year with fake accommodation listings and false social media ads some of the most common scams. 

Vonny Gamot, head of EMEA at McAfee, said: “Staying alert and taking early and proactive steps to manage your security, privacy and online identity is extremely important as we head into the peak summer holiday season. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it’s best to avoid clicking; instead, go direct to the source and book with reputable companies.  

“Additionally, with the use of AI, scams are becoming even more sophisticated, making it harder for consumers to tell what’s real and what isn’t online. Traditional hallmarks of scams, such as misspelled words and poor grammar, are becoming a thing of the past but one crucial telltale sign remains – a pressure to act fast. Is it your last chance to buy tickets? Is there a ‘huge deal’ for one day only? Cybercriminals use this tactic to try and catch you with your guard down.” 

But which destinations are most likely to be used by scammers to lure in British holidaymakers? 

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