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West Virginia Breaks Single-Month Revenue Record, Hits $20 Million



West Virginia Breaks Single-Month Revenue Record, Hits  Million

West Virginia Breaks Single-Month Revenue Record, Hits $20 Million

West Virginia online casinos launched in July 2020, and in March 2024, the state’s industry reached a new peak. 

According to the West Virginia Lottery, online casinos in the Mountain State reported $20.68 million in revenue. This was a pivotal moment as this was the first time West Virginia had reached $20 million in revenue. 

As for sports betting, it generated $4.41 million in revenue and accepted $47.22 million in bets. 

Over the first two years of online casinos in West Virginia, the licensees in the state hadn’t combined for over $10 million in revenue. Over the past six months, West Virginia has set new single-month records five times. This included February 2024 with $17.46 million, and now, March is north of $20 million. 

There was also $3.1 million generated for taxes following March 2024. 

Hollywood Casino Charles Town, which has DraftKings Casino, had $7.8 million in revenue. The Greenbrier (BetMGM and FanDuel) had $7.2 million. 

To date, West Virginia online casinos have generated $388 million in revenue and set nearly $60 million for state taxes. 

As for the future of online gambling in the state, remember that West Virginia recently entered into the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement, which will now allow online poker players in the state to compete against those in the other states involved in the agreement. The state is simply waiting for these sites to launch. 

West Virginia Lottery Director John Myers expected them to launch in early 2024, but there were other priorities. He believes they will provide “moderate” revenue and prospective players can expect to play them later this year.

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