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US Online Casinos Are Becoming More Popular Despite Challenges



Making online casino gambling legal in the US has been slow. However, some states have already started allowing it. Experts and executives at this year’s SBC Summit North America believe online casino gambling in the US has a great future. Despite challenges and worries about its effect on traditional casinos, the general feeling in the industry is optimistic.

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Experts Remain Hopeful Despite the Slow Growth of Online Gambling

Making online casino gambling legal in the US has taken a long time. However, several states like Connecticut, Delaware, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and West Virginia have already started the process. Though progress is slow, industry experts believe that the future of gambling is online.

Elizabeth Suever, a vice president at Bally’s Corporation, mentioned that people, especially millennials, largely use their smartphones for various activities like shopping and banking. This indicates a shift towards mobile-centered lifestyles. She added that gambling is also moving in this direction.

However, these positive views contrast with the current market situation. Although online sports betting is available in 38 US states and Washington D.C., online gambling remains extremely limited. Even in Nevada, known as the gambling capital, only online poker is available, with no online casino games.

Solving Challenges in the Expansion of Online Gaming in the USA

According to Shawn Fluharty, the National Council of Legislators from Gaming States lead, sports betting has grown considerably since the US Supreme Court ruled in 2018 but online casino gaming has grown far less. But he’s hopeful that igaming will be developed eventually. 

Brandt Iden, from Fanatics Betting & Gaming, agreed. He said it’s crucial for the industry to welcome online gaming to succeed. He also mentioned the importance of teaching lawmakers about the benefits of legal online platforms over illegal gambling websites. 

Reliable and legal platforms like are a great way to play gamblers’ favorite casino games and make huge gains. To start playing and winning real money online, players need to take only several simple steps:

  • Register on the casino site
  • Deposit into their gaming accounts
  • Сhoose the game they want to play 
  • Enjoy the game process.

Although the industry is optimistic, there are concerns about the downsides of online gaming spreading in the US. People worry it might lead to more addiction and take away money from physical casinos.

But supporters of online gambling say it could actually help traditional casinos and boost the economy. Adam Glass, from Rush Street Interactive, thinks it could create new jobs and help both online and offline gaming businesses work together.

Casinos in the USA have a hopeful future, even though there are challenges. Online gaming is growing slowly, but experts think it will get better with more education about its advantages. People worry about addiction and losing money, but supporters believe online and offline casinos can cooperate to boost the economy.

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