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Unveiling the Biggest Trends in Gaming Today



Gaming is highly popular and there’s lots of variety, making it a versatile past-time that can adapt to different tastes. Video gaming is especially popular. It’s estimated there are around 3.09 billion active video gamers in the world. Asia alone is home to nearly 1.5 billion.

From generation to generation, however, gaming and gaming trends change and different age groups have different preferences. Baby boomers (55+ years) prefer puzzle games more, rather than survival-horror ones, whereas Generation X-ers (40 to 55 years old) plump for strategy games. Millennials (24 to 39 years old) are one of the most active groups of gamers and are big fans of online casino gaming. Generation Z (7 to 23 years old), the youngest generation, are especially into mobile gaming. Below is a look at some of the different trends in gaming.

Online casino gaming

Online casino gaming has exploded and, as mentioned, is popular with a younger demographic of gaming enthusiasts. Technology such as random numbers generators (RNGs) and encryption technology have made online casino gaming much safer for players. Streaming technology has enabled players to enjoy casino gaming with a live dealer from the comfort of their own homes, and general advances in technology have allowed games designers and developers to create games that have better graphics, animations and music.

Freemium gaming

Exploring The Biggest Gaming Trends

Freemium gaming has been a successful model for gaming app developers and allows players to play games for free. However, the game features little extras that players pay for and can upgrade to get even more out of the game. Some games add more content to the game for players who upgrade.

Freemium gaming is a big win for gaming fans and for the developers. In some cases, the gaming company reaps more revenue from the freemium games than from its actual paid games. The extras create more engagement and casual gamers may even turn into more serious gamers who eventually decide to pay for the game or to look for other games by the same developers. There is, however, no pressure to buy extras.

Retro gaming

Exploring The Biggest Gaming Trends

It seems gaming fans, just like many other people, love a bit of nostalgia. In September, YouTube reported on its blog that retro gaming has grown as a topic and a community on the platform. Fans have a real fondness for classic games, consoles and devices, and you’ll find lots of different retro gaming channels on YouTube.

One thing the company has noticed is that the definition of retro gaming has been expanding on the platform. Not only are users uploading videos of gaming related to the 1980s and 1990s, which is the more traditional notion of “retro” in the gaming, but they’re also considering more modern consoles from 2000 to 2010.

Besides the powerful drive of nostalgia, there are several reasons for a resurgence in retro gaming. One has been the role of indie developers, who have harnessed the spirit and style of retro games when creating new ones. Another has been the simplicity of retro titles in an era which feels ever more complex to consumers. Their gameplay is easy, but the games themselves are challenging to master. Retro games have also become more accessible, as modern platforms re-release them either as standalone games or through subscription services. Players can browse through entire libraries of retro games these days.

Esports and professional gaming

Exploring The Biggest Gaming Trends

Esports merges gaming with aspects of traditional sports, such as live audiences, professional leagues and broadcasts, and has become a real hit. In fact, the market is heading towards an estimated valuation of $6.75 billion by 2030, and esports have become so popular that becoming a professional gamer is a viable career aspiration. Of course, competition is extremely fierce, but if you rise to the top, the spoils are impressive. Winning teams and individual players have walked away from esports tournaments with substantial amounts of money.

Mobile gaming

Exploring The Biggest Gaming Trends

Just as casino gaming has exploded, so has mobile gaming and has transformed the market. According to data on the website of consumer and market data company Statista, the mobile gaming market will be worth more than $173.4 billion by 2026 and accounts for around 51% of total gaming revenue worldwide today.

Technology has grown at incredible speed and has placed mobile gaming at the forefront of the industry. The availability of smartphones, plus they convenience they offer, has propelled mobile gaming. Operators in the mobile gaming space have also done their homework in the graphics and gaming experience department and tried to bring them up as much as possible to the same level as consoles. Though not quite there, mobiles still offer a considerable gaming experience.

If you’re getting into gaming, there are lots of different styles of gaming you can explore. Mobile gaming and online casino gaming are especially popular, and freemium gaming allows you to game without spending a cent. Why not give one of these a try and see what works for you?

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