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UK’s best city for food has incredible restaurants and it’s not London



Love eating out or trying a new restaurant? You’re in luck as the expert team at Time Out have named the world’s best destinations for food.

While no British cities made the top 10, a UK city landed just outside the top 10 in place 11. Britons might be surprised to learn it wasn’t London.

Liverpool was crowned as the world’s best city for food, hot on the heels after being named the one of the world’s best city destinations and the UK’s best big city break.

A Time Out spokesperson said: “With everything from cult street food vendors to contemporary small plates, it’s no wonder locals were full of praise for their city’s food scene.”

So what and where should tourists eat in Liverpool?

The must-eat dish

According to Time Out’s survey of local residents, scouse is the must-eat dish in Liverpool. The meaty stew is so popular, it even gave the city’s residents their nickname.

Scouse is traditionally made from chunks of meat, potatoes, carrots and onion and was first eaten by sailors.

What the experts say

Alice Porter, Liverpool-based writer, said: “Liverpool is perhaps better known for its nightlife than its food, but a clutch of brand-new foodie ventures have earned the city a newfound rep for its dining scene.”

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