UK Shop is Creating Christmas Decorations from Plastic Waste

Getting into the holiday spirit, a shop in Helston is creating Christmas decorations made completely out of plastic waste.

One Blue Eye, located in Helston, UK, is operated by Matthew Nott and will be celebrating its first anniversary this year. Since opening, Matt has been creating plant pots, jewelry, and now Christmas decorations, all from plastic waste.

The Christmas decorations are made from shredded chocolate tubs. The tubs are put into a shredder, and then are put in a special heated machine to be turned into a liquid-type consistency. From there, a specially designed mold is put underneath the machine where the liquid flows from the machine and forms into a fixed design.

Nott explains that he is looking forward to the future and hopes to teach others, especially the younger generation, the importance of recycling.

 “I would love more people to come here and see the potential for plastic waste. We are making some changes, so it will be more of a community place for people to stop by,” said Nott.

“People are welcome to come and see how items are created and share any potential ideas, the possibilities are endless. Not only that, but it’s a place where people can come in and help, have a cup of tea and a chat.”

Nott encourages the community to bring in plastic waste for more crafts.

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