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Travel expert reveals the best days to book cheap flights by following this rule



A travel expert has issued a warning to passengers of budget airlines over the one rule to follow when booking plane tickets.

Jet2, Ryanair, easyJet and TUI passengers should be following a three-day rule, says Gavin Lapidus, travel agent and director of multi-centre holiday specialists eShores.

The expert also said that booking flights well in advance can help you avoid being stung with more expensive flights.

He said that Mondays to Wednesdays are the best time of the week to board a cheap flight. Passengers should always double-check departure days, as flying a day sooner or later could save you up to 20 percent.

Gavin told BirminghamLive: “While there are occasionally good ‘last-minute’ deals on flights and holidays, it’s very dependent on how many seats are left on a flight – there may be none, or demand may be high, so prices can spike closer to the date of travel and you can end up paying more.

“Last-minute deals do exist and can be great for booking cheap, impromptu trips, but relying on them for a planned holiday is a huge risk that no travel agent would recommend.” 

He added: “December is the last month to get a good deal on these peak dates, as prices will spike even further from January.

“If you’re looking to take a summer holiday during peak school holiday dates, book as early as possible. For long-haul flights, 10 to 11 months in advance is when you’ll find the cheapest deals, while eight to 10 months in advance is best for European trips.

“If you’re flexible with your dates, always double-check departure days, as flying a day sooner or later could save you up to 20 percent.”

Yasmin Pekel, director of Blue Cruise, has shared her top tips for booking a summer holiday and when she thinks the best and cheapest time to book.

Yasmin told the Express: “I typically recommend starting to think about your June, July or August holiday and booking in early January.

“In January, holiday sales are normally in full spring, meaning that discounts are easily accessible. Many travel providers, including airlines and hotels, also offer early booking discounts.”

She added: “By booking early, you’ll have a better chance of securing your desired accommodation and flights.

“As summer approaches, popular destinations and accommodations may fill up quickly, leading to inflated prices. This is particularly true of sought-after resorts and trending destinations.”

Flight prices for popular routes tend to get more expensive the closer it gets to the date of travel, so it’s usually best to book early.

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