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Tourists share tips to get a quiet hotel room without paying extra



Holidays should be a time to rest and relax. But unfortunately, a noisy hotel room can ruin even the best-planned holiday.

If you’re worried about getting a good night’s sleep, picking the right hotel or room can make all the difference.

Tourists have been sharing their best tips to get a quiet hotel room without paying any extra money on Reddit.

One person said: “I am a light sleeper, so when checking into a hotel, I always ask for a room that is as high up as possible.”

Rooms on the upper floors of a hotel are less likely to experience street or traffic noise than those on the ground.

They added: “I always ask for a room that’s not near the elevator. They go ‘ding’ at all hours of the night, and spill noisy people out of them, just back from a night drinking.”

Hotel rooms that are close to the lifts can be extremely noisy as there will be a lot of foot traffic at all hours of the day and night.

However, they can be much more convenient for travellers who want to get out and about quickly.

Another frequent traveller said: “Make sure to search the reviews for keywords like ‘quiet’ and ‘noise’.

“In my experience, if the building has paper-thin walls, it doesn’t matter where the room is. So choosing the correct building is the most important thing.”

Tourists can check Tripadvisor and booking platforms to find reviews of their hotels. If other travellers have mentioned noise, it might not be the right choice.

For some travellers, it’s all about packing essentials that can aid sleep. A tourist said: “I sleep with flat earphones that play white noise and wear an eye band that goes around my eyes and ears.

“The white noise masks all other noise. Someone can knock on the door and I can’t hear it.”

Another tourist said they usually bring a portable sound machine or play calming sounds on their phone to get to sleep.

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