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Top 10 best convertibles and cabriolets 2024 | Autocar



Elsewhere, the MX-5 is pretty much as easy to live with as any Mazda, thanks to its light and precise controls, excellent build quality and low running costs.

Yes, the cabin is cosy-small and the boot is just 150 litres, but there’s enough space here to handle weekends away and enough refinement and comfort that the daily commute needn’t be a drag, particularly when the sun is shining.

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2. Porsche 718 Boxster

Pros: Twin boots and decent cabin space make for surprising two-seat usability, and there’s a broad range of engines.

Cons: The four-cylinder engines are a little unappealing on the ear.

It would be a stretch to call the Porsche 718 Boxster one of Porsche’s best kept secrets, but its entry-level status and the shadow cast by the legendary 911 means this mid-engined machine doesn’t always get the credit it deserves. You see, when the roads are good and the sun is shining, there are few cars that are more entertaining than this.

The arrival of four-cylinder engines in 2016 robbed the Boxster of some of its audible appeal, but there’s no doubting the potency of the turbocharged units, which knock the old flat sixes for, erm, six when it comes to straight-line pace.

If you do want the full mechanical orchestra, the 4.0-litre GTS will happily provide it – or if you have a sky’s-the-limit budget, there’s even the epic, 911 GT3-engined, £123,000 Porsche 718 Boxster Spyder RS.

All Boxsters get better when the roof is down: something that can be easily achieved with the touch of a button. Speaking of which, once the fabric covering is stowed, you’re treated to buffet-free progress, meaning topless long haul trips aren’t a chore.

Regardless of engine (right now, the 2.5 GTS and 2.0 T models are off sale in the UK), it’s the Boxster’s chassis that shines the brightest, the perfectly balanced, tactile handling drawing you into the action. Then there’s the perfectly weighted steering, the strong and delicately balanced grip, the cast-iron body control and the brakes that are as progressive as they are powerful.

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