This U.K. Airport Is Ditching Carry-on Liquid Rules

A small airport in the United Kingdom just dropped its 3 ounce liquids rule for carry on luggage, becoming the first in the country to do so with more expected to follow.

Teesside International Airport in Northern England will now allow passengers to carry liquids up to 2 liters in their carry-on bags and will no longer require them to place them in a separate bag for security screening, according to the airport. The new rules are thanks to a pair of new C3 scanners, which use “cutting-edge” technology to screen baggage.

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The new scanners also eliminate the need to take out laptops or other electronic items before screening.

“We’re getting lots of positive feedback from our passengers right now and, as our slate of summer holiday flights begins to ramp up at the end of this month, these scanners will be invaluable to quickly process the hundreds of thousands of people we’re set to welcome through our doors,” Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen said in a statement.

In December, the UK government set a deadline of June 2024 for airports in the country to install new screening technology that would eventually eliminate the need to limit liquids to 100 milliliters (about 3.4 ounces). The government said the new technology would lessen the hassle of airport security and improve passenger safety with more detailed images of baggage.

“The tiny toiletry has become a staple of airport security checkpoints, but that’s all set to change,” UK Transport Secretary Mark Harper said in a statement in December. “By 2024, major airports across the UK will have the latest security tech installed, reducing queuing times, improving the passenger experience, and most importantly detecting potential threats. Of course, this won’t happen straight away – this is going to take 2 years to be fully implemented. Until then, passengers must continue following the existing rules and check before travelling.”

Teesside Airport is ahead of the trend in the UK, but it’s not the first to lose restrictions on liquids. In 2021, Shannon Airport in Ireland installed a high-tech security screening system that allowed travelers to bring liquids of any size.

In the United States, travelers with carry-on bags are still required to keep liquids in bottles no larger than 3.4 ounces. However, the Transportation Security Administration is installing new CT scanners across the country, which will allow passengers to “leave everything in their carry-on bag, including electronics larger than a cell phone and food.”

Travelers who have TSA PreCheck are also allowed to keep liquids and laptops in their bags and don’t have to remove their shoes during the screening process.

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