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This Mini Bob and Brad Massage Gun Has a Big Pre-Prime Day Discount



This Mini Bob and Brad Massage Gun Has a Big Pre-Prime Day Discount

‘Small but mighty’ is no longer the default when it comes to technological advancements. Sure, batting for the petite and powerful we have smartphones and laptops, but on the other hand, sized-up monstrosities like clunky VR headsets and Cybertrucks are infiltrating our small = smart culture.

Another area where size tends to split opinion is massage guns. You’ve either large and powerful (such as the Theragun Pro) or small and assumed ineffective. But, I’m pleased to report, that’s not necessarily the case, with many mini massage guns packing a hell of a punch while still being small enough to slip into your gym bag — and my particular favourite, the Bob and Brad Q2 Mini, just so happens to be discounted ahead of Amazon Prime Day 2024.

Bob and Brad Q2 Mini Massage Gun

Q2 Mini Massage Gun

  • Just one continuous massage pattern (no extra treatment modes)
  • One button control means you have to cycle through all 5 speeds rather than toggling up and down
Speeds 5 (1800, 2100, 2400, 2700, 3000)
Attachments 5
Amplitude 7mm
Battery life 4 hours (240 minutes)
Charging USB-C (adaptor not included)
Dimensions 14.5 x 8.4 x 4.5 cm
Weight 0.43kg
Extra features Carry case, guidance booklet/instruction manual

Read on for everything you need to know about the Bob and Brad Q2 Mini Massage Gun, plus why I’m such a big fan.

Bob and Brad Q2 Mini: What’s in The Box

bob and brad q2 mini massage gun review uk
bob and brad q2 mini massage gun review uk
  • The Bob and Brad Q2 Mini Massage Gun
  • 5 massage head attachments (more on those below)
  • A USB-C charging cable
  • 2 spare rubber sleeves (replacements in case those already on the massage heads wear out)
  • User manual – including full instructions, troubleshooting and treatment guides
  • A double-zipped carry case to house it all
bob and brad q2 mini massage gun review uk
bob and brad q2 mini massage gun review uk

Measuring up at just 18 x 18 cm, everything (including all five massage heads) slots in neatly into the included carry case, which feels quality and sturdy. It’s the ideal size to chuck in a gym bag, but a separate pouch to carry just the massage gun and chosen attachment in order to save space wouldn’t go amiss — I’m quibbling though.

Bob and Brad Q2 Mini: Features and Settings

Most mini massage guns are light on features, and while this doesn’t have different treatment modes you can play around with (rare if not unheard of in a compact model), it does boast an impressive five speeds (for comparison the Theragun Mini has three), incredible battery life and decent power. Combined with the five interchangeable heads, that equals a whopping 25 massage combos to try — not bad.

Speed and amplitude

The Q2 Mini has five speeds: 1800, 2100, 2400, 2700 and 3000 percussions per minute. These are controlled via just the one button (which is also the on/off button — just press and hold), so you do have to cycle through each speed, from top to bottom, to get back to a lower speed if you feel you’ve overdone it a tad.

bob and brad q2 mini massage gun review uk

The five speeds are controlled by a single button interface

bob and brad q2 mini massage gun review uk

The blue lights indicate your speed

With some massage guns, the top speeds can result in a painful bouncing off muscles (or worse, bones), but after weeks of use I’ve yet to experience this with the Q2 Mini. The performance is incredibly smooth, no matter which attachment you use, gliding over muscles and trigger points with no issue.

Such steady use means I feel confident to press the massage gun deep into my muscles, making use of that full 7mm amplitude. No, it’s not the highest offering out there (for comparison the Theragun Mini boasts 12mm), but combined with 35lbs stall force (how much pressure you can apply to the gun) you can still really dig in — let’s just say I’ve never been disappointed and I have shoulder muscles my massage therapist affectionately calls ‘impossible.’

Ergonomics and ease of use

I’d argue that unless you have the arm strength of a newborn, it’s impossible to get tired while using this. It’s super light, coming in under 500g, and the shape lends itself to a natural, comfortable grip — either your index or index and middle fingers instinctively wrap around the top of the arm, while the button is ideally placed to operate with your thumb.

bob and brad q2 mini massage gun review uk

The Q2’s shape makes it easy to hold

bob and brad q2 mini massage gun review uk

The main body of the massage gun is covered in soft, no-slip silicone that stands up under sweat, and while some larger-handed members of the MH team have found it a tad trickier to wield than I, this is a minor complaint. Naturally — as with all mini massage guns — you can’t reach as many points as you can with a larger ergonomic model, but how easy it is to hold means you can push a lot weight against the pill-shaped handle to really get into those niggles.

It really is very mini as well (slightly smaller than the Theragun Mini and 2g lighter), making it easy to slip into a gym bag or even a large pocket.

bob and brad q2 mini massage gun review uk

The Bob and Brad Q2 Mini (right) compared to the Theragun Mini (left)

bob and brad q2 mini massage gun review uk

The Bob and Brad Q2 Mini (below) compared to the Bob and Brad D6 Pro (above)

I was also incredibly impressed by how quiet the Q2 Mini is — even at full speed and pressed against protesting muscles (when it’s inevitably louder) I can still hear the TV or my tunes without missing a beat.

Battery and charging

The Bob and Brad Q2 Mini Massage Gun charges via a USB-C cable — you’ve probably already got a bunch tangled in a drawer somewhere, but it comes with its own, just not an adaptor, which you likely also already have.

bob and brad q2 mini massage gun review uk

The Bob and Brad Q2 charges via a USB-C cable (included)

bob and brad q2 mini massage gun review uk

It takes about three hours for a full charge, indicated by a green light which switches off once it’s ready to go. Then it lasts an impressive four hours, and given typical use only lasts around 10-20 minutes, that’s a lot of sessions per charge. I’ve been using mine most days for more than two months and have only charged it once so far.


As well as the five massage heads (see below for details), the Q2 Mini comes with a smart, compact carry case which will fit in most gym bags with no issues. It has dedicated slots for each massage head, plus the hard outer means your massage gun is protected from any knocks while you’re on the move.

bob and brad q2 mini massage gun review uk
bob and brad q2 mini massage gun review uk

Also included is the user manual, which as well as your usual instructions offers suggested treatments for different body parts, recommending the ideal attachment, duration and motion for sweet, sweet relief.

bob and brad q2 mini massage gun review uk

The user manual includes treatment guidelines

bob and brad q2 mini massage gun review uk

Bob and Brad Q2 Mini: Massage Heads

bob and brad q2 mini massage gun review uk

The Bob and Brad C2 Mini comes with five massage heads — more than most compact models

What really makes the Q2 Mini stand out in the compact massage gun field is the massage heads. It comes with five versatile attachments (the Theragun Mini has three), designed to tackle everything from relaxation to targeting trigger points.

Changing the massage heads is simple too — just pull one out, push another one in. I found this was much easier on the Q2 Mini than with the same brand’s D6 Pro, where the mechanism is pretty stiff.

Below I’ve laid out each of the different massage head, plus the suggested use and my own thoughts.

  • Ball head For large muscle groups like quads, glutes, extreme muscles and for joint soreness. This foam head (the only in the set) is probably the one I reach for most, using it to get into my hip flexors, as well as working my biceps, quads and other larger muscle groups.
  • Air cushion headFor relaxation of sensitive body parts. This one is great on the forearms and feels heavenly around sore joints — the knees in particular, and the backs of my calves where I’m pretty sensitive and a firm touch is too much.
  • Bullet headFor joints, deep tissue, trigger points and small muscle areas like feet and wrists. Bullet attachments are always incredible for weary feet, plus I like intense pressure on my traps and the side of my neck. Just don’t push too hard as this one is quite intense.
  • U-shaped headFor spine, neck and shoulders. For sensitive muscles and soft tissues. Using this to frame the traps feels lovely. However I did not like it using it on my spine as per the suggestion; it was hard to line up on myself without hitting bone. I’d also say it’s a bit much for soft tissues, but it felt divine at the top of my quads and on my hips.
  • Flat headFor all body parts. The flat head is great for biceps, and I like using around my knees/lower quads. If you’re after more intense action on your forearms then this attachment is also a good shout.
bob and brad q2 mini massage gun review uk
bob and brad q2 mini massage gun review uk

If I had to find quibbles, the attachments are smaller than those on the brand’s full-sized guns (the Theragun Mini wins on this front), and the hard plastic heads (bullet, U-shaped and flat head) feel a bit cheap when handling, but I’ve no complaints once in use.

Bob and Brad Q2 Mini: The MH Verdict

Bob and Brad Q2 Mini Massage Gun

Prime Day Deal

Q2 Mini Massage Gun

I’m someone who’s always liked the idea of chucking a massage gun in my gym bag but never found it practical — either the bulk, need to charge frequently or fear of pissing off my changing room comrades has put me off. The Bob and Brad Q2 Mini has changed this. Thanks to the impressive battery life, dinky proportions and excellent (and super quiet) performance, it now has a near-permanent home amongst my gym essentials — only leaving when I fancy a recovery sesh in front of Netflix.

bob and brad q2 mini massage gun review uk

The Q2 Mini is easy to hold, simple to use…

bob and brad q2 mini massage gun review uk

…and the entire case fits comfortably in a gym bag

The five massage heads lend themselves to such versatility, leaving no niggle un-knotted and cementing this massage gun as a true gym bag staple — one you won’t regret buying.

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