This Married At First Sight UK couple have just split up

Married At First Sight UK stars Marilyse Corrigan and Matt Murray have announced their split. Boo!

The pair were contestants on different seasons of the hit E4 dating show – which sees single people take part in an experiment when they meet their partner on their wedding day – but they met and bonded over their experiences off-screen.

Marilyse, 38, starred in 2021’s series where she was partnered with Franky Spencer, while Matt, 32, appeared on last year’s show and was at the centre of the “wife swap” story when he moved on from Gemma Rose with Whitney Hughes, who was originally married to Duka Cavolli – drama!

They confirmed their romance in November, but the couple have now taken to social media to tell fans that they’re no longer in a relationship.

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On her Instagram story, Marilyse said: “I’ve received multiple messages asking if Matt and I are still together. Out of respect to you guys and the support you’ve given us, of course it’s only fair to be clear. So the answer to this is no we are no longer together anymore but I do wish Matt all the best for his future.”

On his story, Matt said: “A lot of you over the past couple of weeks have asked questions about me and Marilyse being together or not and have we split up, are we still together.

“As a lot of you have probably just seen on Marilyse’s story no we are not together anymore. We decided to leave it there. We are maybe just a little too different. But again, I just wish Marilyse all the best in the future. It just is what it is.”

Married At First Sight UK is available to watch on Channel 4.

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