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These Are The Best UK Fashion Rental Sites



These Are The Best UK Fashion Rental Sites

The first UK fashion rental service to have an app, and the only purely peer-to-peer platform, By Rotation is facilitating the sharing of people’s personal wardrobes.

The platform also has a resale functionality. So if you’ve loved a borrowed item so much that you’re dying to have it rest in your wardrobe forever, there might be an option to purchase it.

Founder Eshita Kabra-Davies says, ‘After receiving significant feedback from our Rotators to offer the option to sell an item (and selling two items myself directly on the app!), we are rewarding all our verified lenders with the ability to sell their pieces that are also available to rent. This is in line with our mission to transform fashion consumption for good.’

With everything from The Vampire’s Wife dresses (very Kate Middleton) from £50 a day to a Totême coat for £36, the rental options were already a great lure, so the new resale option is sure to bring even more popularity to the brand.

‘Our aim is to make fashion circular and accessible to all,’ Kabra-Davies told ELLE shortly after the app’s launch.


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