The tough reason why Holly Sonders had to quit professional golf

Having managed to combine a journalism degree with a solid collegiate golf career, Holly Sonders recorded two AJGA victories, progressed to the 2007 Women’s Western Amateur Round of 16, and helped MSU win the 2007 NCAA national championship.

However, a knee surgery after her junior year at Michigan State forced her to make a very difficult decision and quit professional golf, as she was unable to walk for months.

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“That was a sad time, to be 20, 21 years old and know your dream of playing professionally is over,” she told Golf Digest a decade ago.

“After the surgery, I couldn’t walk for many, many months my junior year at MSU. I came back from that but could never play the same again.”

Her broadcasting career

Aged 21, Sonders started working for the Golf Channel before joining Fox Sports five years later, creating her created her own opportunities.

“[I] spent 10 years, [ages] 21 to 31, on national TV,” Sonders told The Post.

“It was a great experience, but at some point, you kind of want to work for yourself. And the way that the world changed, especially with COVID, everybody’s just kind of doing their own thing, but the goal is always to work for yourself.

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“I’m very proud to have succeeded and worked so hard to make it to that position.

“And the way the world changes and has changed, it’s all digital, it’s all going to social media and you can have your own audience every single day.”

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