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The Top 5 Scariest Online Games — GameTyrant



Online gaming has become extremely popular in recent years, with a growing number of genres for players to choose from. From action, adventure, and sports games to the scariest video and casino games imaginable there is something for everyone. Games that give players a scary chill and thrill are usually suspenseful, and creepy and have an element of horror to keep players entertained and on the edge of their seats whether they’re playing the latest video game or wagering at an online casino.

For those who want a more relaxing experience, fear not. Gamers can find sports, action, adventure, and racing-themed video games that won’t make them jump. Similarly, bettors can wager at online poker sites and casinos that offer traditional versions and unique variations of poker, blackjack, roulette, and slots for a thrilling, but not scary, experience. 

For players looking for gaming titles that can give an extra thrill, let’s explore the scariest online games to play. 

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a survival horror video game that takes place in an old creepy castle called Brennenburg Castle. The game follows the main character, Daniel, as he makes his way through the castle solving puzzles and trying to avoid monsters and terrors. This game comes complete with a terrifying soundtrack, which is known to make players jump at just the right moment. Additionally, the game has a dark mode which makes everything just a little scarier for those true horror fans. 

Blood Suckers

Most gamers don’t consider slot machine games to be scary, but this one definitely ticks all of the boxes. Blood Suckers was created by game developer NetEnt and is a vampire-themed slot game featuring eerie graphics and haunted-sounding music. To top off the completely creepy experience, the game also includes symbols like: 

  • Coffins

  • Vampires

  • Garlic

  • A Vampire Bride 

This game is ideal for casino gamers who want a little extra thrill during playtime. 

Dead by Daylight

For players looking for a chilling title, check out Dead by Daylight. In this game, one player takes on the role of a savage killer, and all of the other players assume the roles of survivors trying to get away from the killer. Dead by Daylight is often filled with adrenaline-filled chases and tense gameplay as players try to outwit and outplay their attacker. Not only is this game terrifying, but it also leaves players with a sense of paranoia as they continuously try to outwith their pursuer. Scary!


Outlast is another terrifying title for thrill-seeking gamers. Outlast takes place in a psychiatric hospital and follows Miles Upshur, who is an investigative journalist. During the game, Miles has to adventure through the run-down hospital halls with nothing to use as a weapon except for his camcorder. Of course, the hospital is full of creepy terrors which makes the game full of tension and excitement, leaving players at the edge of their seats. 

Haunted House

Game developer Playtech created the title, Haunted House, which takes players through an old haunted mansion that is filled with ghosts, creatures, and eerie sounds. Haunted House is a slot machine game, so players can wager and possibly win big during gameplay, making this a good fit for horror-loving gamblers who enjoy the thrill of wagering.


Video and casino gamers who love the excitement that gaming offers but are looking for something a little more thrilling, often find themselves playing scary horror-themed games. But, scary games are not for everyone. Some players prefer sports or action-themed video games and some casino players enjoy traditional games like poker or baccarat in-person, online, or even at anonymous casinos. No matter what gaming genre players are looking for, whether it is spine-chilling and creepy or light-hearted and fun, there are titles for everyone. 

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