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The Scandinavian fashion brands to have on your radar




Cecilie Bahnsen‘s feminine, frilly designs might not automatically match up with the minimalism that was once stereotypically associated with Scandi designers, but they imbue modernity that’s difficult to resist.

“For me, it is all about comfort and wearability – the woman who wears Cecilie Bahnsen can make it her own, this is not a dress that wears her, and it should be part of her continuous style,” the Danish designer told us. “You can buy a skirt one season and wear it one way then, and then another way now, maybe pairing it with a top from a newer collection – it’s all part of the same universe, a continuous wardrobe.

“Ultimately, I want my customer to feel beautiful and feminine and comfortable, like they can do everything they love in what I create.”

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