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The Roulette Gameplay Experience Online Versus A Physical Casino



Roulette is available to play at physical casino locations across the United States and when you have an account on an online casino to enjoy the remote gameplay experience. Both avenues allow you to play for real money that you can earn from a return on investment from a bet if the ball lands where you predict.

There are various similarities and differences between playing roulette at a casino location and enjoying the game remotely on your laptop, desktop, or mobile device. Between placing bets, experiencing the gaming thrills, and enjoying the overall social setting, there are pros and cons to each setting.

Placing Bets

Playing roulette in person at a physical casino allows you to make your bets with a dealer sitting at the table in the form of chips. Each chip has a monetary value equating to USD so you can make your bets on a single number, number row, or two adjacent numbers accordingly. You can also choose odd or even numbers to bet on or even black or red colored numbers, depending on your preference.

Once your bets are placed, the dealer will spin the wheel and drop the ball randomly. If your bet matches the result of where the ball lands, you win. Log on to betFIRST casino online to try out online roulette. The online play setting is a great experience for beginning players to learn the ropes of the game before attempting to play it in a physical casino.

When you play roulette online, you can make the same types of bets in a virtual setting. However, there is a live dealer available to chat with other roulette players in the virtual roulette playing room. Hence, roulette is still a social gaming experience even in the online setting.

The Thrill and Social Aspects

Roulette in a physical casino can be way more thrilling and socially active in person than engaging in the game online. Seeing the ball physically roll on the roulette wheel and watching and hoping that it lands on the number(s) you chose can be a rise and fall of positive and negative emotions.

Meanwhile, family or friends that you came with or other random people playing on the casino floor may see your roulette bet succeed, which will become a cause for celebration. Hence, the adrenaline rush of seeing the ball land where you predicted and the social flare of celebrating with others during a win or booing at a loss can enhance the physical roulette gameplay experience in a casino.

While you can still celebrate wins with people on chat in a virtual roulette room, it does not feel the same as doing it inside the casino. The thrill of seeing the ball land on the number you predicted on your computer or mobile screen can be just as comparable as seeing it in person.

However, the wheel spins faster in a virtual setting versus a physical one, which minimizes the thrill factor. The thrill is more evident in person because the wheel is usually slower compared to a virtual experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know what’s the same and what is different about playing roulette at a real casino or online, let’s answer your frequently asked questions.

Is it better to play roulette at a physical casino or online?

This subjective question is up to player preference. Some people like the quiet of playing roulette wherever they are without the noise of the casino floor. Alternatively, others like the loud crowds and the thrill of playing in person, so they will visit a casino location instead to play roulette.

Which setting allows you to place lower bets?

Online casinos allow you to place lower minimum bets than compared to roulette tables at physical casinos. If you have a limited budget, consider playing roulette online instead.

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