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The Future of Gambling in London: Trends to Watch – London Post



The Future of Gambling in London: Trends to Watch – London Post

For a long time now, the UK has been at the forefront of Europe’s gambling industry, especially in online gambling. In fact, IMARC Group suggested that the country had the largest gambling market share in the entire continent. With the country boasting dynamic gambling destinations like London, you can only expect the market share to increase in the coming years. So, what does the future hold for London’s gambling industry?

Amongst the many reasons why the gambling industry has been growing is the rise of the internet, which has not only affected the gambling part of life but also other aspects. Consider the famous black cab in London, for example. It found itself amidst stiff competition from global operators like Uber – because the global operator had an established mobile app infrastructure that made car booking easier. It hasn’t been a different experience in the casino industry. And since the internet has become more affordable, it’s no surprise to see even land-based operators switching to online.

The Convenience of Online Gambling

As you have already seen, online gambling in London has been on a steady rise owing to the growing popularity of the internet. And if statistics mean anything, the capital, by 2020, was ranked as the UK’s region with the highest internet use (95%). It is no wonder why many operators have been turning to online platforms such as websites and mobile apps to stay relevant amidst this growing preference for online access.

Even for the UK’s new online casino sites that are just entering the market for the first time, ignoring the use of mobile apps can put you off balance. By offering mobile access to your products, you allow players to participate in their favourite titles from any location, whether in transit, in an office or taking a stroll. Plus, you can offer players a wide variety of games to select from compared to the case in land-based casinos, which often have limited spaces.

The younger demographic has actually been displaying a growing preference for mobile gaming, and using mobile apps can be a great way to penetrate this market. Just towards the end of 2023, Statista conducted research that showed that 51% of participants aged between 16 and 24 played games using their mobile devices.

Well, while it’s still a matter of contention, research by Deloitte revealed that most industry players believed that mobile would remain the largest growth area in online gambling. Some actually believe that the future of gambling will be entirely mobile. The report also projected that future consumers might expect operators to offer more differentiated products with mobile-optimised features and formats. For instance, you will likely see mobile apps that take advantage of location data to tailor content for players.

More Tech Advancements to Expect

Suppose you have previously visited prestigious locations in London, such as those in Mayfair. In that case, you can actually agree that mimicking such environments in virtual setups can be quite an uphill task. The archetypal casino buildings and world-class art galleries ensure you have the experience of a lifetime. To replicate such environments, providers are now turning to technology to enhance the immersion of online games.

Live dealer games, for instance, have not stopped dominating the gambling scene in London. These games enhance engagement by allowing you to engage with a presenter in real-time. By combining the convenience of playing online with the authenticity of a physical casino, these games ensure you can participate in your favourite title in a more immersive setting. Plus, you also get to interact with other players in real-time.

VR and AR technologies have not been left behind. An article from the Department for Business and Trade anticipated the market size for these technologies in the broader UK economy to reach £62.5 billion by 2030. Thanks to the more than 1,250 immersive technology companies in the country, the United Kingdom enjoys a diverse pool of talent supporting the expansion of the technology. And if you’ve been keeping a close eye on the trends shaping London’s gambling scene, you might have already encountered VR and AR games. In the coming days, such games will only increase in number.

The Popularity of E-sports Betting

London’s gambling industry has been nothing short of advancements like e-sports betting, which combines gaming and traditional sports betting. At a national level, the e-sports betting market had reached about £2.4 million by late 2023, according to The Pembrokeshire Herald. London must have definitely contributed to this growth.

As a testament to the growing e-sports betting industry, the capital hosted a successful ICE London conference that saw about 1500 esports fans and industry stakeholders showing up. Amazing challenges, including Pit Stop Pro, amongst many others, characterised the event. By hosting the event, London cemented its efforts to become the European capital of esports by 2024.

Without a doubt, London’s gambling market volume will only grow. Plus, we have not stopped seeing providers evolve to provide player-centric games that make the gameplay more engaging. With the industry becoming more competitive, you can expect future gambling products to be more tailored to fit players’ preferences.

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