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The Dutch online gambling market keeps flourishing



The Dutch online gambling market keeps flourishing

After years of legal wrangling, online gambling was regulated in the Netherlands in 2021. This has resulted in licensed Dutch gambling websites becoming widely available, with the majority of players from the Netherlands opting for these official platforms.

Since the new framework was brought in, the market has experienced robust and sustained growth. In this article, we look at the different areas showing positive trends and why they are only expected to continue in the future.

More licensed operators enter the market

The total number of operators with a Dutch online gambling license has increased. While only a handful of providers initially received licenses when regulation began on October 1, 2021, that number has steadily grown with a wide variety now serving the market.

When searching for online casinos Nederland, Dutch players can now explore a diverse range of safe gambling platforms, each offering unique game selections, bonuses, and features. This variety empowers players to find the perfect fit for their preferences and gaming needs from the list of licensed operators.

Players can expect more official offerings in future too. While most licenses are already in use, a few other licensed operators have not yet launched their offerings. It’s likely they will do soon. Also, existing licensees can apply to expand their approved segments, with sports betting being a frequent area of interest for expansion.

Channelization’s role in consumer protection

Regulation is aimed at funneling players to legal platforms. The success of this approach has been evident, with over 90% of players choosing licensed sites at the time of writing – validating the framework’s efficacy in safeguarding consumer interests.

Since October 2022, most players have decided to gamble at legal platforms. This number is expected to remain steady or even grow, as the Dutch Gambling Commission is committed to guiding players towards the safe, legal market.

This achievement highlights the vital role that regulated Dutch online casinos have in promoting responsible gambling. Players have access to fair, secure online casino games that are backed by robust consumer protections aligned with national regulations.

Advertising regulation impact

A key regulatory change occurred in July 2023 with a ban on untargeted gambling advertisements in the Netherlands. Aimed at protecting non-gamblers and vulnerable groups, the goal was to reduce site visits from non-gamblers without putting off existing players.

The idea had an immediate impact (represented by the purple line). The number of visits to sites from non-gamblers dropped heavily and has remained low ever since. This will likely remain the same in the future, as the ban will continue to be enforced, which will lead to limited exposure for non-gamblers.

Market growth and player trends

All of these areas have contributed to the Dutch online gambling industry’s prosperity. Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) is set at an impressive €1.388 billion in 2024 – a remarkable 28% increase from €1.08 billion just two years ago. Moreover, the number of active gambling accounts surpassed one million in 2024, up from 970,000 in 2022, signaling growing interest among Dutch adults.

Most adults play casino games against the house, such as video slots and live casino games, followed by peer-to-peer games such as online bingo and poker. Sports betting and horse race betting are falling a bit behind.

Young adults aged 18-23 are at the forefront of these trends. Even though this group only makes up 10% of the population, it had 20% of active accounts at the end of 2023. This has led to the Dutch Gambling Commission focussing on protecting young adults from excessive gambling. That approach appears to be working as young adults tend to lose less money than the overall player base.

Continued development delivered sustainably

Dutch online casinos are crucial, providing secure, varied gaming that adapts to local player needs and preferences. This approach distinguishes the Netherlands in responsibly managing this industry’s sustainable development.

Driven by judicious regulation, the market’s evolution positions the Netherlands as a leader in cultivating a secure, accessible online gambling space. Improving player security is the top priority for the future, while still introducing fresh, engaging features, ideas, and games.

This direction promises continued innovation and expansion, making the Dutch market a model for balancing growth with customer protection.

Data source: KSA Monitoring Report Spring 2024

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