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The Best Exercise Bikes for Hardcore Home Workouts



How To Choose an Exercise Bike

There are a few key things you should keep in mind before buying your new bike, or you risk being saddled by an inappropriate pedalling companion.

Weight Limit

The best way to avoid any exercise bike mishaps from an online purchase is to check the bike’s weight limit before buying. Every product page for an exercise bike will detail its carrying capacity — most are around 130kg — as well as how portable it is, so you can move it safely around your home.


Most of premium bikes we tested have magnetic resistance for their flywheels, limiting the amount of noise they make in use. The gruelling air bike, however, features a fan at the front of the bike, making it a tad noisier but worth it for a hardcore workout.


A water bottle holder takes the stress out of making sure you’re hydrated for your workout while keeping your H2O in a safe place. Similarly, if you’re short on space, an exercise bike that folds away could be a handy feature, while a pair of dumbbells is a welcome inclusion for full-body workouts.


An exercise bike with a variety of hand positions plus an adjustable seat will give you a smoother ride.

Is an Exercise Bike Good for Weight Loss?

The term weight loss can be like argument-inducing dynamite within the fitness community, and there are plenty of variables to consider when looking to drop fat. If you are looking to lose weight, it’s important to take a healthy, sustainable and science-backed approach, and it’s fair to say that consistent exercise bike sessions can help the process.

A calorie deficit — in layman’s terms, burning more calories than you’re consuming each day — is key. By burning more calories in a day, you can redress your body’s energy balance and put yourself into a deficit. Achieving this over a prolonged period will result in weight loss.

With Peloton estimating a 45-minute class on one of its bikes can crush up to 700 calories, several sessions each week will significantly boost your energy expenditure, making it easier to achieve a calorie deficit.

Is an Exercise Bike Worth the Money?

Our verdict? This may not surprise you but, yes, we do think exercise bikes’ price tags are justified.

There’s no escaping the fact they’re a hefty investment, with top models easily setting you back a four-figure fee, and the bikes will only work with their respective apps, which will require you to pay for a monthly membership. But we still think you get a lot of bang for your buck.

The apps grant you access to a huge library of recorded and live workout classes led by expert instructors. These allow you to compete against fellow members around the world via live leaderboards and help keep you motivated when that 5am workout feels more like a chore than a source of endorphins.

You’ll get stats from each session to monitor your progress and can mix things up with strength or yoga sessions too. So, it’s time to slide into the saddle and watch your fitness levels soar.

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