Thanksgiving travel weather: Storms threaten to disrupt busy holiday week

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A storm will move over the central and eastern US just in time to disrupt Americans’ Thanksgiving travel plans.

Severe thunderstorms, heavy rain and snow are expected to move from the central US across the Midwest and ultimately into the northeast just in time for the holiday.

The storm system will hit the Midwest and Ohio and Tennessee Valleys by Tuesday before turning northeast for the mid and latter portion of the week.

Governor Kathy Hochul of New York warned travelers in the state to be cautious as there was a risk of “extreme winter weather” during peak travel days.

Severe storms and possible tornadoes are forecasted for the Gulf coast states — between eastern Texas and western Mississippi — early in the week.

Tuesday will bring severe thunderstorms, rain, snow and wind to much of the eastern half of the US. Those storms are expected to wane on Wednesday, making way for an undisturbed Thanksgiving Day in most parts of the US.


Thanksgiving week weather: Storms threaten to worsen holiday travel chaos

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, with more than 55 million Americans set to travel by road and by sky over the holiday week.

Forecasters are now warning that the usual travel rush could be exacerbated by various weather events across the nation.

Graig Graziosi20 November 2023 17:10


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Winter weather and severe storms threaten to disrupt millions of Americans traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday this week.

Severe storms were forecasted for the Gulf coast south on Monday. Thunderstorms, heavy rain, and snow are expected to blow across the central US, through the Midwest, and into the northeast on Tuesday. Forecasters believe the severe weather will weaken on Wednesday, making way for an otherwise clear Thanksgiving Day in much of the US.

Graig Graziosi20 November 2023 17:07

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