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Suki Waterhouse Goes Vintage Shopping in LA



Suki Waterhouse Goes Vintage Shopping in LA

[upbeat music]

Hey, British Vogue.

It’s Suki Waterhouse and we are doing

one of my favorite things in the world,

vintage shopping.

Come with me.

[upbeat music]

Here we are at Wild West.

Hi Mint, how are you doing?

Nice to meet you. So nice to meet you.

Oh my God, I’ve been so excited to come here.

Okay, so I am shopping for kind of like

going on tour the next few months,

which sort of means everything.

But what was I looking at

that I was really obsessed with?

This jacket.

What’s the story behind this jacket?

This is a McQueen Teddy coat.

It’s so cute. So gorgeous.

I have to get it, I know instantly.

I haven’t seen it in the mirror yet,

but I know I have to get this.

Oh, it’s so cozy.

It makes me feel like a little marshmallow

and it’s kinda stylish.

I mean, I’m dead.

Let’s definitely put this on the rack.

Ooh, also this, I don’t know.

I feel like this is something

that my friends would look at me

and be like, why would you wanna wear this?

This is strange and unattractive

but I don’t know, I kind of like love things

that are like a little bit ugly sometimes.

I used to have these like really ugly bowling shoes

and a sort of jacket a bit like this

and my mom would always like try and hide it from me.

But something looking like ugly and off

I was always very into.

I guess I’ll always be like somewhat into that.

Maybe I’m like growing a little bit more away from it.

But I think there’s always something in me

that wants something a little bit off about an outfit.

Ooh, what have you pulled out here?

This- Oh my God.

Wore this.

God, look at this material, the ruching.

This feels like a painting.

Now I have boobs.

Like I never used to have boobs,

but now I’ve had a baby so I have boobs.

So this actually like,

I don’t think I ever would’ve worn this before

but now it could work.

[upbeat music]

Whoa, it’s not something that I would

normally be totally drawn to,

but it’s kind of incredible.

It’s sort of amazing.

Wait, could I be this girl?

I feel like a flamenco dancer.

Kind of obsessed.

[traditional Spanish music]

Let me go in here.

Oh, okay.

So this, has really caught my attention.

Tell me about this.

Look at the sleeves.

By Tom Ford, it’s gorgeous.

It has the butterfly sleeves on it.

[Suki] Oh my God.

It’s so fun.

This is something that I would definitely invest in,

’cause I think with like even a pair of jeans

or cool trousers, like I can wear this in the day,

going out and I would definitely wear this on stage.

I’m obsessed, we have to try this on.

We have found top heaven.

Look at that, whoa.

Just like the way that would catch the light.

Could wear it on stage

and then just like continue having it in my closet.

I want like my tall closet to feel

like it’s like an extension of my personal wardrobe.

It’s like my aspirational wardrobe.

So this would definitely go in it.

Going to vintage stores,

having that experience in store

and touching things that were old is kind of like

how I learned about fashion, I guess, in the first place.

But yeah, right now I’m kind of looking for shirts.

I just said what I was looking for

in the most beautiful blouse has just appeared.

Where is this from?

[Suki gasping] Giverny.

Just imagine that’s just in my closet.

This is amazing.

I mean, this is just like a giant dressing gown,

but it’s amazing.

I feel fabulous in it.

Also, this top is cute.

Oh, these are just my pants.

We’re at that point where we’re just walking

around the vintage shop in our pants

and just trying on coats.

I mean, this top is really cute.

I do have one from Shop though

that’s like kind of similar,

but obviously it’s like not the same thing,

but it kind of does the same thing.

But it’s Givenchy.

Different coats.

Should we do a few more?

Ah, oh my God, this is amazing.

Whoa, you know what?

On the rack, I wouldn’t have expected to like it

and I really like that.

A coat slit?

Are you kidding me?

This is maybe what I’m going home with.

Just feels right.

[upbeat music]

[Mint] Oh, this core piece is gorgeous.

We have a few vintage pieces in here,

just strictly vintage, no brand.

I believe this one is from the 1920s.

This is the most gorgeous, gorgeous slip.

Oh my goodness.

No, I don’t think I do own anything from the 1920s.

Actually, do you know what I do have, though?

Not from the twenties, but I do have Audrey Hepburn’s jacket

that I got at an auction at Christie’s

when I was really young.

I literally, I spent every penny

that I had in my account on this jacket and

it’s like hung, yeah, it’s hung up.

It’s hung up.

And I like, don’t wear it that often,

but there’s like the picture of where she wore it

and it’s so just like perfect.

And there’s like a trim around it.

A trim around the bottom.

And that’s probably the oldest thing.

But this is just so gorgeous, wow.

[calm music]

It looks kind of strange with this bra,

but this is so, look at the way it cuts up here.

This feels like so cute and playful and like,

and very girly.

Look at all the back.

Ooh, oh my God, my heart rate

has just gone so high being here.

Shall I think about maybe doing this?

I’m gonna get changed and think about it.

[Suki deep breathing]

[calm music]

Okay, this is the moment where I dissociate.

[calm music]

[turn signal clicking]

♪ Heartbreak is one thing ♪

♪ My ego’s another ♪

[Suki humming]

I’m singing Sabrina Carpenter.

It’s the only thing I listen to in the car right now.

I’m addicted.

It actually disturbed me

how much I had Espresso in my head

and then she dropped Please,

and I’m like, oh God, girl, you’ve done it again.

And now I can go.

Woo, under pressure driving with you all over.

[upbeat music]

Now we are at Aralda Vintage

which is like the mecca of vintage in LA.

It’s in Beachwood Canyon and it’s appointment only.

I’m wearing my little fall 1993 Vivian Westwood hat

that I got from there because I’m obsessed

and I’m obsessed with James too.

So I’m so excited.

James, so nice to see you.

So good to see you.

Hi. Hi.

How you doing? Good, thank you.

Oh my God. I’m like, I’m beyond excited to be here.

[James] Here we go.

[calm music]

We were talking about one of my favorite pieces

and things that I would love to own.

And there is a dress

and I think that you might have it or something.

The Zandra? Zandra Rhodes.

We have it. And it was the dress

that Princess Diana wore when she went to Kyoto

[James] in 1986. 86, yes.

And she was an English designer in like the Bieber Era.


Look at the beading on it.

But Princess Diana wore like a pink-

It’s a blush version, yeah,

but exact same details.

The little bows.

Oh my God, I love it so much.

We have to try that on.

You have to try this.

Look at the little beads.


What else are you looking for?

Okay, so, I’m having like a little bit of a Westwood date.

I think accessories as well.

Like, I’m definitely like shoes.

No way, is that the Beyonce dress?

Oh my God, yes.

Beyonce wore this- The Beyonce dress.

To the premier of Gold Member Austin Powers.

Oh my God, I have to try it on.

I’m gonna pass it across to you.

I have to try. You have to try it on.

I am obsessed.

[James] Yes, exactly.

Look at the what?

[James] She’s Tina Turner.

I literally don’t feel worthy being in this.

I feel her spirit.

You gotta know how to like dance in heels.

[James] This is your cabaret moment.

Look at these shoes, like wow.

This is insane.

[Employee] How can you not get that?

[James] I know.

How can I not?

How can I not?

We’re torturing you here.

Yeah, you really are torturing me.

[calm music]

Is there an evolution?

I mean, I still think I’m like the same.

I’m just using the fact that I’ve just had a baby

to like shop more.

‘Cause I feel like I just didn’t get to wear,

I didn’t get to wear any clothes.

You know, you just resort to jogging pants after a while.

Like, you’re like, I completely give up.

So I’m like so happy right now.

And so one of my first shopping trips

and it feels, yeah.

So I don’t really feel like it’s like an evolution.

It just feels like, like I’m back.

[camera clicking]

The way I just saw that

and you literally were like on-

You know what?

It’s perfect.

It’s like a little vest that goes on top,

fully shaped, gorgeous.

[James] Oh, it’s so good. Beautiful.

Like this is everything.

Everything I can possibly want.

You’re ready.

I can’t believe how cool this is.

But what would I wear?

I would just wear like a little tank top.

Anything really.

I like the idea of like a longer denim skirt

underneath that.

I think that’s how it was shown on the runway.


It’s fall winter 2003, I believe.

Yeah, I mean like, it could go with like jeans.

Anything. Yeah, exactly.

Anything, anything.


[upbeat music]

Ooh, that’s a kind of floaty dress.

That’s a good plunging one.

It’s Galliano.

Oh my God, that would look good with the necklace.

Without this, it’s so sexy.

[James] It’s very plunging.

It’s so plunging.

[Employee] And Carla Brunet wore this on the runway.

She did?

Look at this, I almost need to walk out backwards.

Ah, ah, ah, ah.

I mean, it works so good with this.

Look at that.

You weren’t lying when you said this

this was plunging.

[James] Plunging, both sides.

This is plunging.

Look at that.

Oh my God, it’s so good.

I’m obsessed. [James laughing]

I’m obsessed.

The back is, and with this it’s just like unreal.

It’s to die for, to die for.

Made for you.

[upbeat music]

Oh wait, there is something that I do

really want you to show me that I have heard that you have.

What is it?

[everyone laughing] No.

Wait, do you have the dress

that Winona Ryder went to court in?

We absolutely have that dress.

[In Unison] The Marc Jacobs.

Yeah, oh my God.

Cursory, yeah.

Stop it!

Oh my goodness.

It very much says like, I’m serious.

I’m going to court

Buttoned up.

My favorite thing about that story is

that she was stealing Marc Jacobs,

then Marc Jacobs dressed her to go to court.

Oh, that’s iconic.

Too dreamy. Yeah.

[upbeat music]

Look at this.

This is so beautiful.


Oh, I kind of feel like I might have to own this.

[James] You’d be owning history.

I know I’d be owning history.

I mean most of the stuff in here

is like your owning history,

but that’s very specifically.

This is very much like special.

It’s special.

[James] I mean, Diana,

It’s Diana.

Oh goodness.

I am absolutely obsessed.

I feel like these are all like my favorite colors.

[James] You need to like crawl through a meadow right now.

I do, I need to just touch nature again.

She needs to touch grass.

Like go touch grass, babe.

[Employee] Very ethereal.

Oh my goodness, well that’s three, isn’t it?

I was going show you this one other,

this is just weird that this was hanging.

The Azzara was just in the fitting room.

Wait, did you think about this?

I literally, we had pulled it out,

we had pulled it out and we said,

oh, we’ll keep it out ’cause she’ll probably love this.

I literally wore this, yeah,

I wore this at a shoot and it’s just strange

that it’s come back to me again.

It’s calling you.

It’s calling me.

Look at this.

I’m just gonna try this one last thing.

The Azzara, the Azzara.

It commands attention.

It really does.

I mean, I’ve never seen anything so beautiful

and I can just, you know,

it’s day wear. Exactly.

It’s night wear.

That’s what I was thinking, throw on a pair of jeans

or top- Look at me deluding myself.

[both laughing]

Convincing myself I can wear this every single day.

Every single day.

You can wear that every single day.

All occasions.

I’m obsessed though.

I think, I think I need it.

I think it’s in the bag.

I think, yeah, I think these two

might have to come home with me.

Let me get you all wrapped up.

Thank you. Checked out.

Thank you so much for coming shopping with me,

British Vogue.

I had the best time.

I love everything I got.

Oh my God, I’m gonna have to go and lie down now.

Thank you so much for coming with me.



[upbeat music]

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