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Spain’s breathtaking road that’s not for the fainthearted



Spain’s breathtaking road that’s not for the fainthearted

Spain has some incredible road trip routes to explore but not all of the country’s roads are suitable for beginners.

One of the country’s most spectacular roads has so many hair-raising bends, only the most experienced drivers might want to tackle it.

Majorca’s Carretera de Sa Calobra has breathtaking views of the island’s coastline and has hundreds of twists and turns.

The famous road was designed by Spanish engineer, Antonio Parletti, in 1932. He wanted to avoid using a tunnel so the 13 km road is packed with twists and turns.

Michelin says: “At one point, the road forms a full circle, curving under itself. Needless to say, if you’ve got a weak stomach, you might want to take another route.”

Located on Majorca’s quieter north coast, the road’s hair-raising bends lead to the tiny village of Port de Sa Calobra.

Sa Calobra can be reached by boat or ferry for travellers who don’t fancy tackling the Carretera de Sa Calobra.

A tourist who drove the route wrote on Tripadvisor: “This extremely scenic drive is thrilling and exciting but very challenging!

“You must be an experienced driver, there are so many sharp switchbacks and trunks as you climb and climb, then go down to the water.”

Another traveller wrote: “The views are unbeatable! The mountain climb is a nail biter but worth it.”

The road is also popular with cyclists but some of the hills are only suitable for the bravest riders.

Michelin advises steering clear of bank holidays and weekends as traffic can quickly build up on the narrow road.

It’s also best to avoid the road on a rainy day as it can be particularly dangerous in wet conditions.

While the views are beautiful, this drive isn’t suitable for beginners due to the difficulty of the road.

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