‘She Just Turned 19 for Cryin Out Loud’ – Tennis World Blasts American Tennis Veteran for Her Gloomy Coco Gauff Prophecy

Professional tennis is a sport that never ceases to amaze its audience. While some players spend a lifetime trying to win one of the four prestigious Grand Slams, others clinch multiple titles within a span of a few years. Looking at the recent list of WTA icons who have made some noise with their performance, it is impossible to miss Coco Gauff. The 19-year-old has been knocking on the door for Grand Slams for a while now. However, while Coco fans love to encourage and support their idol, critics might have blunter opinions.

Pam Shriver, the veteran WTA icon, recently shared her thoughts on Coco Gauff in a statement that is now viral on social media. Pam believes that Coco might not win a Grand Slam in her entire career. This statement has caused tennis enthusiasts on Twitter to pick sides in a debacle and it goes without saying that Gauff’s fans aren’t taking this statement too well.

Coco Gauff fans go on a full-blown outrage against Pam Shriver’s comments


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While Pam Shriver, who has remained a remarkable player herself and is now a tennis commentator, has some very valuable insights into the challenges that come with going pro, Gauff fans are not having it. They have openly come at her for her remarks about Coco and they think it is outlandish for Shriver to comment about a 19-year-old former Grand Slam finalist with a bad forehand.


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Fans have trolled Pam on the ground of making baseless comments.

A fan has pointed out how Pam Shriver made casual comments about Steffi Graf in the past.

The fact that Coco is only 19 and receiving such criticism from Shriver has made Gauff fans angry.

However, some tennis enthusiasts actually agree with Pam Shriver as they analyzed Coco’s stats until now.



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Also, tennis fans have pointed out what exactly Pam Shriver said about Gauff. They claim that Shriver did not bluntly make this statement but brought in the context of Iga Swiatek. She says that Swiatek will make it difficult for many players to win the Grand Slams.


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All that Coco fans now look forward to is her match with the Australian Open champion Aryna Sabalenka tomorrow at Indian Wells. However, whether Coco will prove Shriver right is to be seen in the long term. While she did have a fantastic start to the year with the ASB Classic, she really seems to be walking on eggshells with her forehand right now.

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