Scorpio Horoscope, 12 March, 2023: In all areas of your life, you may receive accolades and awards – Times of India

Today’s horoscope is positive, with predictions that you may work according to your plans and complete tasks more swiftly. You may also receive accolades and awards. However, avoid selling ancestral property, and if you’re a student, you may treat your studies casually.
Positive: Ganesha says you might work according to your plans today to complete tasks more swiftly. Self-motivation is likely to work in your favor, and you might get over any barriers that stand in your way. In all areas of your life, you may receive accolades and awards.
Negative: Avoid selling ancestral property since you might lose money. If you’re a student, you might treat your studies casually, which will probably have an impact on how well you do.
Lucky Color: Purple
Lucky Number: 14
Love: With love, your spouse and you are likely to develop a mutual understanding that will solidify your relationship. Together, you two may have a nice time and revel in the highs of your romantic life.

Business: In the business world, you can have the possibility to advance overall. Although it’s possible that you won’t take full advantage of the chance, this will probably be bad for your career. To thrive professionally, follow through with your work.
Health: Your happiness and physical well-being are likely to last. You may be able to stave off illnesses if your immune system is strong. Yoga is a relaxing activity that may improve your mental state and general welfare.

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