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Premier League to discuss potentially introducing a salary cap



However, clubs are being canvassed over another system, where the top clubs would only be allowed to spend a sum calculated according to the TV revenue of the bottom clubs.

In theory, that would make the competition more even.

But it is likely that the clubs who regularly compete in Europe would oppose that, given it would put them at a disadvantage with their counterparts across the continent. It is understood that Manchester United are leading opposition to the idea.

It is hoped an agreement will be reached by the time of the league’s annual meeting in June.

The discussions come as moves to introduce an independent football regulator move closer.

The Football Governance Bill, which would establish an independent regulator for the men’s game in England, had its second reading in Parliament on Tuesday.

The regulator will have powers centred on improving financial sustainability of clubs, ensuring financial resilience across the leagues and safeguarding English football’s heritage.

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