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Onboard the £17k a ticket Disney cruise ship so big it’s got a rolleroaster



A Disney mega-cruise which can cost about £17,000 per person can carry a staggering 5,000 passengers.

The boat departs Port Canaveral in Florida and travels to areas of the eastern and western Caribbean, all while allowing guests to enjoy an array of Disney-themed adventures.

Disney Cruise Line’s Treasure boat will sail for the first time in December this year and will become the sister ship to the company’s Wish ship.

The Disney Treasure is 341 metres long, weighs around 144,000 tonnes and carries a crew of 1,555 while being powered by liquefied natural gas reaching a maximum speed of 23mph.

It has 15 decks and 1,254 cabins, with all of them decorated with scenes and characters from Disney films.

One of the most outstanding rooms is the Concierge Tomorrow Tower Suite, a two-storey suite with a capacity for eight people that houses services including a library, five bathrooms and even a private lift.

In addition to the usual entertainment, leisure and dining amenities a cruise ship offers, the Disney Treasure features some eye-catching details.

The ship will have its own attraction, called ‘AquaMouse: Curse of the Golden Egg’, which sees two-person vehicles travel along the ship’s upper decks through more than 230m of winding tubes.

During the ride, guests can enjoy views of the ship and the ocean.

The boat will set out on its maiden voyage on December 21 and will take seven days to travel to and from the eastern and western Caribbean.

As for the prices, they vary depending on the departure date. For the cruise scheduled for March 29, 2025, the cheapest price is already about £5,000.

But there are much more expensive options with the April 12 departure in the Concierge Suite priced at more than £20,000.

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