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Nummus Casino Set to Launch on Telegram with Exciting New Features and Rewards | NewsBTC



Nummus Casino Set to Launch on Telegram with Exciting New Features and Rewards | NewsBTC

The online gambling market is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries, valued at nearly $100 billion globally. Its worth is poised to increase significantly as crypto-betting casinos establish their niche.

Nummus Casino is aiming to become the premier platform for online betting with multiple earning possibilities. One of its standout features is its use of Telegram, providing the global gambling community with a secure and user-friendly environment to play and engage.

With the official launch just around the corner, Nummus Casino is already generating buzz with its impressive array of features:

  • Integration with Telegram for secure user messaging, transactions, and reward distribution.
  • A $0.10 price guarantee for its token, even if the market value drops.
  • A unique online gambling experience in a state-of-the-art casino.
  • An eco-friendly investment model ensuring full-circle reinvestments.
  • Highly secure and efficient Ethereum-based smart contracts.
  • A native $NUMMUS token with multiple benefits and rewards.
  • An upcoming NFT collection with potential lifetime ROI.
  • Additional earning avenues via presale bonuses and affiliate marketing.
  • The $Nummus token can be staked between 1-12 months, with yields of up to 24% for the longest duration.
  • A token that can be used in other partner casinos such as or

Nummus Casino: Launching Soon on Telegram!

Nummus Casino is just days away from its much-anticipated launch on Telegram. The platform is backed by an expert team with extensive experience in the iGaming sector and blockchain technology, aiming to make online betting accessible to gamblers and crypto enthusiasts worldwide.

Using Telegram is a cornerstone of Nummus Casino’s strategy. The messaging app is globally renowned for its secure encryption, which will help Nummus Casino protect communications, transactions, and personal data. Additionally, it allows the team to offer instant support as part of their top-notch customer service.

Nummus Casino leverages the benefits of blockchain technology to ensure the robustness of its Web3 elements. For example, the platform uses Ethereum—one of the world’s most popular blockchain networks—for its secure smart contracts, safeguarding the casino’s financial operations. This feature ensures lightning-fast transactions, transparency, and safe, decentralized crypto gambling.

Moreover, the casino’s native token, $NUMMUS Token, is built on Ethereum as a capped ERC-20 token with burning mechanisms to enhance its value over time.

Another highlight is Nummus Casino’s advanced cloud-based infrastructure for backend services. This setup supports Telegram bots and scales operations according to user demand, ensuring optimal performance even during peak usage.

Nummus Casino caters to all types of players, from seasoned gamblers to newcomers, and offers a wide array of over 10,000 casino games, sports bets, and horse races, featuring some of the industry’s best odds.

Security is a top priority for Nummus Casino. It is a fully licensed online gambling establishment, supported by a successful casino operator with over 20 years of experience. The platform adheres to industry regulations and best practices to ensure a safe and reliable user experience.

$NUMMUS Token: Tokenomics and Potential

Nummus Casino aims to evolve into a standalone ecosystem fueled by the $NUMMUS Token—a deflationary ERC-20 token offering significant benefits to players and investors. The token will have a maximum supply of 400 million tokens, providing access to Nummus Casino games, exclusive promotions, cashback, rewards, staking opportunities, and more.

Players can trade $NUMMUS tokens for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money, depending on market conditions. Additionally, the team will periodically burn $NUMMUS tokens to increase scarcity and long-term value.

The casino guarantees a minimum token value of $0.10, ensuring the token’s stability and the platform’s long-term growth. Even if the market price drops below this value, the casino will still value it at $0.10 for new deposits.

$NUMMUS Token Distribution:

  • Presale: 12.5% (50 million tokens)
  • Liquidity Pool: 12.5% (50 million tokens)
  • Marketing and Staking: 37.5% (150 million tokens)
  • Affiliates: 2.5% (10 million tokens)
  • Bonuses: 17.5% (70 million tokens)
  • Consultants: 2.5% (10 million tokens)
  • Reserve: 15% (60 million tokens)

The $NUMMUS Token Presale

The $NUMMUS Token is currently in its presale phase, making this an ideal time for early adopters to get involved. The presale value starts at $0.10 and will increase weekly until the 50 million tokens allocated for presale are sold.

During the presale, buyers will receive a 100% bonus on any purchase. For instance, purchasing $1,000 worth of $NUMMUS tokens will yield 20,000 tokens instead of the standard 10,000.

In addition, the first players to buy $NUMMUS tokens worth at least $1,000 will each receive one of 2,500 NFTs. These NFT holders will receive a share of 25% of the casino’s yearly net profit, for life, if they stake their tokens for the first 12 months.

The casino will also reinvest 25% of net profits into development through buybacks and burns, increasing the token’s value. This eco-friendly model ensures full-circle reinvestments. Additionally, proceeds from the $NUMMUS token will fund marketing, HR, and software upgrades, strengthening the casino. A significant percentage will also go towards airdrops and special bonuses for players.

Staking $NUMMUS Tokens

Nummus Casino offers several earning opportunities, with staking $NUMMUS tokens being particularly lucrative. Users can lock a specific amount of $NUMMUS tokens for a set period, earning interest on their staked assets and receiving additional tokens as rewards. Stakers will also benefit from loyalty perks, exclusive bonuses, offers, and premium games.

At the end of the staking period, users can reclaim their staked assets. They can also use their staking rewards in various ways, including claiming, re-staking, or using them in the casino. $NUMMUS token holders will have the option to stake assets in pools with varying locking periods of 1, 3, 6, or 12 months, with yields of up to 24% for the longest duration.


Nummus Casino has an ambitious plan to dominate the Telegram-based crypto casino market, an emerging niche in online gambling. With necessary licenses secured and Telegram bot integration completed, the current prelaunch of the $NUMMUS Token is set to bolster the platform’s reputation and support, paving the way for future success.

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