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New owner plans improvements to York ladies gym



Personal trainer Aimee Sadler from Stockton On the Forest has taken over the Fitter Body Ladies Gym in Clifton Moor.

The 36-year-old, who was previously a self-employed personal trainer for Pure Gym in York for over four years, has revitalised the facility at 2 George Cayley Drive.

There is new equipment and an innovative outdoor functional space, enhancing the gym’s offerings.


In addition to these improvements, Aimee is excited to announce the forthcoming launch of a new spin studio, set to open this summer, further broadening the gym’s fitness options.

Fitter Body Ladies Gym is dedicated to women over the age of 35, providing a nurturing community where members can train, bond, and build lasting friendships.

The gym promotes body confidence and overall wellbeing, tailored to the unique needs of women in mid-life and beyond.

Aimee said: “Since taking over Fitter Body Ladies, we have committed to upgrading our facilities and equipment to ensure the best possible environment for our members.

“The new outdoor functional space allows our members to enjoy fresh air while engaging in fitness, and our upcoming spin studio will offer a dynamic and inclusive option for cardiovascular health and fitness.”

The new outdoor area features versatile equipment suitable for all levels of fitness, enabling members to engage in a variety of workouts in an inspiring, open-air setting.

The anticipated spin studio will be equipped with the latest in cycling technology, designed to provide engaging, low-impact workouts that are effective for improving cardiovascular health and physical stamina.

Aimee adds Fitter Body Ladies is more than just a gym – it’s a place where women can come together to achieve their health goals and support each other.

The introduction of new equipment and the addition of the spin studio are part of Aimee’s vision to expand the gym’s capabilities and support the community of women it serves.

Fitter Body Ladies Gym also offers a safe, inclusive, and motivational space for women over 35 to pursue their fitness goals.

For more information about Fitter Body Ladies Gym or to join the community, contact Aimee at

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