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McLuck Casino’s Winner’s Weekly Offers a Share of GC 10 Million



Wouldn’t it be great to win in addition to your normal slot winnings? McLuck Casino is giving you just that opportunity. The Winner’s Weekly contest allows players to earn their share of 10 million Gold Coins each and every week.

By playing qualifying online slots, players earn points each Friday that earn them a place in the Winner’s Weekly contest. It takes winning to a whole new level!

About the Winner’s Weekly Contest

Unlike other online slot games, players have the chance to turn their winnings into something much bigger. Each Friday, McLuck Casino runs Winner’s Weekly, where players can accumulate points in hopes of earning a share of 10 million Gold Coins.

Earn points by playing eligible games like Sky Pearls Hold and Win, Fishin’ Bear, 3 China Pots, 3 Clover Pots, Super Sticky Piggy, Lamp of Wonder, and more. Watch the live leaderboard to see where you stand and make each spin mean all that much more.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Winner’s Weekly is extended to each member of the McLuck Casino community. Each Friday, players can play qualifying games – currently Coin Up Hot Fire, Sky Pearls, Fishin’ Bear, 3 Clever Pots, 3 China Pots, Lamp of Wonder, Aztec Fire 2, and Super Sticky Piggy – to earn points toward the contest.

Each win is divided by the bet amount to determine points. For instance, if you win 200 GC from a 10 GC bet, you will get 20 points. The more winnings you earn, the more points you get. Rise up the leaderboard to increase your winnings.

The top prize is 2 million Gold Coins. Second place gets one million Gold Coins with places 3-5 earning 200,000 GC fewer than the place before it. Prizes include 100,000 GC for 10 players and 20,000 GC for 60 players. Watch the live leaderboard and make a last-minute push to the top!

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