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Life in UK’s most beautiful village – Great views but no shops, trains or jobs



People lucky enough to live in “the UK’s most beautiful village” have shared their true feelings about the prestigious title.

Locals from one of Britain’s top coastal towns, Runswick Bay, in Yorkshire, claim that the influx of second homeowners is causing house prices to surge, reports The Mirror.

Known for its breath-taking views and tranquil environment, the village has seen a spike in fame over recent years. It was labelled as one of the ‘best places to live in the UK’, thanks to its sandy beaches, playful dolphins and impressive fossil finds.

However, villagers report that this praise has come at a cost. They feel that the peaceful ambience suits holiday-goers and non-resident landlords more than it does young, working families.

Across Britain, many communities, including Runswick Bay, are facing this issue as second homeowners cause property prices to soar. Several coastal villages are now seeing houses sold for over £1million and Runswick Bay is no exception.

Holidaymakers shared their thoughts on the village’s rating with YorkshireLive. Visitors, Graham and Lane, expressed: “It’s a lovely place, but I’m not sure these ‘best places to live’ rankings often consider a lot of the actual practicalities. It’s beautiful, but I can’t imagine raising teenagers or anything here or trying to find a job.”

They continued: “You’d have to work remotely or commute somewhere else. There aren’t any shops in the village either and there isn’t a train station close either.”

Runswick Bay has been praised by Time Out for having the best-hidden beach in the UK.

The guide said: “Despite its glorious sweep, Runswick Bay is invisible until the last minute when you crest an unassuming hill that leads down to it. From this point, surprises and hidden treasures unfold before you; the impossibly sweet village, comprising of 90 cute honey-coloured cottages capped with red tiles.”

It added: “Closer inspection of the beach and bay reveals wooden huts, rock pools, picturesque staircases carved out of the cliffs and at Kettleness impressive fossils dating back 180 million years.”

However, residents say they face the same challenges as many other popular seaside towns. They include absent cottage owners who cash in during the holiday season.

Runswick has just three pubs, a cafe and a tearoom. Its closest shops are a small village shop in Hinderwell (about 25 minutes walk), or a medium-sized Co-op in Staithes (a seven-minute drive).

Rhianna from Redcar and Kate from Hinderwell both work at the Cliffemount, a hotel perched at the top of the village. Rhianna, said: “It’s quite nice here,” but added that it’s mostly holidaymakers rather than locals who visit.

And Kate added: “We’re always fully booked for rooms – there’s someone in all 18 at the moment. Runswick has always been a popular place – it’s a lovely place to come into, though since I grew up just down the road it doesn’t feel very special to me.”

Tom Rose, the manager of the Royal Hotel in the village, said: “Runswick definitely has a certain charm to it that people fall in love with.

“Most of the cottage owners don’t live in them but they’re often here throughout the year. As soon as a holiday starts we become extremely busy.”

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