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Jersey City Woman Wins $200K At Tipico Casino



While online casinos aren’t legal in as many areas across the country as online sports betting, platforms like Tipico Casino NJ are preparing for that surge by creating a platform to attract more women to play, and it’s already paying dividends. 

On Sunday, April 7, a woman from Jersey City, New Jersey, won $200,000 playing the Jin Ji Bao Xi Endless Treasure game from Tipico. This came after Tipico set out to design a mobile app that would appeal to women. A complete relaunch came in Fall 2023. 

“On the heels of earning a first-place national ranking, we are excited to unveil a completely original experience for customers who desire to play Casino games in New Jersey,” said Adrian Vella, US CEO at Tipico, in October 2023. 

Needless to say, the winning woman was shocked by the result of her spin. 

Winner’s Words

Remaining anonymous, she told Tipico: 

“I initially thought I won 20k, so, of course, I was…but then I looked again and screamed immediately because I realized it was 200k and not 20k. I immediately went into shock.

I haven’t decided on how I want to spend the money just yet, but when I do it will definitely be on something rewarding and worthwhile. I may proceed with purchasing a home.

No other casino has ever been this exceptional to me like Tipico.

I first got into online casino games because my luck inside the casino hasn’t been so great. So I decided to try my luck with the online gaming.

My advice to other players is to never spend money that’s necessary for survival. Meaning, money that’s meant for bills or necessities should never be spent on the casino. If you have extra money to spend, try your luck but always remain responsible.”

To her, it’s clear she values Tipico, calling it “exceptional.” The new app has a teal, navy, and magenta pallette and their aim was to attract a more diverse audience. This is a departure from their red and black scheme of the past. 

As the winning woman mentions, she’ll be using the winnings to proceed with purchasing a home and she also encourages players to never spend money on casino play for essential goods like bills. 

In September 2023, a report released by Eilers and Krejcik ranked this NJ online casino as the best of 32 brands for its “exceptional Gaming Interface and Core.”

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