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It’s official: 10 UK steakhouses are the best in the world



For the last year, meat aficionados across all continents have been visiting steak restaurants incognito, secretly judging whether they’re worthy of a place on the coveted World’s Best Steak Restaurants list. 

To make it into the top 101, a restaurant has to meet strict criteria. Among them, meat must be ‘quality in terms of taste, terroir, character, marbling, cut and preparation’, staff must be knowledgable and there has to be a top notch wine list designed to enhance the dining experience. The results were revealed this week in the World’s Best Steak Restaurants 2024 ranking.  

So, how did the Britain’s steakhouses fare? The steak at Cut at 45 Park Lane in Mayfair, London ranked the 10th best on the entire planet, making it number one for the UK. 

Clearly, the capital knows its meat. Further down the list were seven more London restos (which you can read about here)Dorian at number 27, Aragawa at 28, Beast in 41st place, Goodman in 55th, Lutyens Grill at 74, Temper at 76 and, just scraping into the top 100, Guinea Grill at 97.

Just two non-London restaurants made the cut. Pasture in Cardiff, which uses ‘the finest beef from Wales and the South West’ ranked at 48th. The judges at World Best Steak praised its ‘35 days dry-aged and high marbled ribeye and sirloin, which are expertly cooked over the open flame to achieve a perfect char and a succulent interior’. 

Porter and Rye in Glasgow also stood out to steak ambassadors and landed a spot at number 82. It earned recognition for its ‘impeccable service’, ‘inviting atmosphere’ and, most importantly, the dry-aged Scottish steaks that are ‘cooked to perfection over an open flame, imparting a delicious smoky char that enhances its natural richness’. 

Head to the World’s Best Steaks website for the full best steak restaurants for 2024.

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