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Israel killed Hamas’s ‘number four’ and the top three are dead men, Netanyahu vows



The British government has pledged £117 million pounds towards protecting Muslim communities amid a rise in Islamophobia as it promises more action to tackle extremism.

The new funding, announced just over a week after extra cash was promised to enhance security for Jewish groups amid soaring anti-Semitism, will be used to protect mosques, Muslim faith schools and other community centres, the government said.

The pledge by the Home Office comes amid a surge in anti-Muslim hate incidents in the UK since the outbreak of the war between Israel and the Hamas militant group in Gaza last October.

Tell Mama, a group which monitors anti-Muslim incidents, said last month there had been a 335 per cent increase in cases since the Oct 7 attack by Hamas on Israel.

“Anti-Muslim hatred has absolutely no place in our society. We will not let events in the Middle East be used as an excuse to justify abuse against British Muslims,” James Cleverly, the Home Secretary, said.

The security measures will include technology such as CCTV, alarm systems and perimeter fencing.

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