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Is MrBeast Casino App Legit or Scam?



Does Mr Beast Have a Casino App?

Online advertisements and apps can create confusion between reality and deception. Recently, there has been an increase in fraudulent activities related to a supposed “Mr. Beast Casino App.” This has caused worry among fans of Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson, a popular YouTube personality. The question remains: is this app genuine or just another internet scam?

Mr Beast Online Casino App is a Scam

In May 2024, there is no officially endorsed online casino app by Mr. Beast. Scammers are using deepfake technology to create fake ads that appear to have Mr. Beast’s endorsement. These scams include fake promotions for gambling apps and product giveaways, using AI to make them look realistic.

There are deepfaked videos and images of Mr. Beast appearing in ads for fake giveaways. These scams are advanced and use Mr. Beast’s image and style to look legitimate. They may also include other celebrities like Joe Rogan or Patrick Bet-David.

How is the MrBeast Casino App Advertised?

The online casino app marketed as a plinko game under MrBeast’s name does feature a game where balls bounce through a maze and land on various prize amounts. However, it is important to note that the app is in no way affiliated with MrBeast. Additionally, the high winnings that some users claim to achieve while playing on the app may not be realistic when compared to playing at a regulated online casino.

What is Mr Beast Casino App Called?

There are some apps claiming to be created by Mr. Beast, such as Mr Beast Casino Carnival, Mr Beast Casino App Luxury Bonanza, and Plinko Whai. None of these apps are legitimate, so there is no real Mr Beast casino app available for download. Be cautious of anyone trying to get you to download these apps, as they are scams.

Mr. Beast Plinko App

In May 2024, Meta, the company behind Instagram, reportedly accepted advertising revenue for a Plinko casino gaming app called “The Beast Plinko.” It’s important to note that no real Plinko gambling app by that name is available on the App Store for iPhone users or Google Play Store for Android users.

Instagram social media ads displayed deepfake content promoting the Beast Plinko app to users.

  • AI generated audio with deepfake tech
  • Misleading users by making them think a well-known cable TV news host is endorsing Mr. Beast casino apps and projects.
  • Beware of fake interview clips that may lead viewers to click on a scam link.
  • Various deceptive techniques are used to create false impressions of casino apps that do not actually exist.
  • An online casino has been opened by a wealthy individual, with promises of everyone winning.

The clickbait links in the scam ads led users to, a fraudulent website designed to mimic the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It featured a download link for ‘The Beast Plinko’ by the “Beast Group.”

The Mr Beast Plinko app is not legitimate and is considered a scam. The images you see are deepfakes mixed with actual plinko games from various online casinos. It is risky to download any unauthorized app like this, as it can compromise your phone and personal information.

Other Mr. Beast Online Game Scams

There are individuals promoting games called Finger on the App 1 and Finger on the App 2, which use a Youtuber’s image. Similar to online casino apps, these games are fraudulent and do not reward users with money for keeping their finger on the app. This trend may have been inspired by Mr. Beast’s famous hand on the jet giveaway.

The Appeal of Mr. Beast’s Image

Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast, has gained a large following on YouTube with over 111 million subscribers due to his extravagant stunts and charitable acts. However, his popularity has also made him a target for online scammers who use his reputation to deceive fans, particularly younger ones.

Diverse Scam Tactics – May Update

Mr. Beast’s likeness is being used in various scams, not just casino slots advertisements as of May 2024.

  • There is a fake Mr. Beast Casino App being advertised on AppBrain. It is a big scam right now, and has already tricked many people out of their money. Even though the App Store should catch the scam soon, it’s important to be cautious. If you come across the page on Google, do not open it.
  • Fake mobile popup ads and links are commonly seen on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. These scams typically include colorful, high-urgency ads that direct users to external websites containing malicious links and forms intended to collect personal information.
  • Scammers use fake YouTube channels and social media profiles, posing as MrBeast, to host fraudulent contests and obtain personal information from those who participate.
  • Some websites host fake MrBeast giveaways that require users to complete surveys and app downloads in exchange for a nonexistent reward, potentially leading to the sharing of personal information.
  • There is a network of fake websites that imitate MrBeast’s branding and offer fake contests and prizes in order to scam people into providing personal and financial information.
  • There have been reports of deceptive mobile games and ads falsely suggesting a connection to MrBeast in order to generate revenue through ad clicks and in-game purchases.
  • There have been reports of scammers promoting false business and investment opportunities, claiming to have connections with MrBeast. This includes fake courses, trading program endorsements, and counterfeit job offers.

How to Protect Against These Scams

To prevent becoming a victim of these scams, users should maintain a cautious attitude.

  • To ensure legitimacy, verify any promotions associated with MrBeast on his official social media platforms.
  • Examine URLs and domains closely for any unusual domains or spelling mistakes.
  • To increase account security, consider using strong, unique passwords and enabling two-factor authentication.
  • Take steps to protect your personal information by adjusting privacy settings on social media and being cautious with sharing personal data.
  • Approach enticing ads or posts with a critical eye.
  • Protect your device by installing antimalware programs to enhance security.
  • Monitor financial transactions to identify any potentially fraudulent activities.
  • Please report any suspicious activities to the authorities, such as scams or impersonations.

Where Can I Play Legal Casino Games?

While the Mr Beast slots app may not be real, there are numerous online platforms where you can play casino games for both real money and entertainment.

Real Money Casinos

Residents of Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Jersey, and West Virginia have access to real money casino apps from well-known brands.

  • BetMGM Casino
  • Caesars Palace Online Casino
  • DraftKings Casino Online

Social Sweepstakes Casinos

In states without legalized online casinos, individuals can participate in sweepstakes casinos to play slots, online roulette, baccarat, and blackjack. These sites offer the chance to win prizes that can be equivalent to real money or cryptocurrencies.

  • High 5 Casino
  • Wow Vegas Online Casino
  • McLuck Casino

Community and Creator Responsibility

Fighting fake apps involves cooperation from both online users and trusted creators like MrBeast. Fans should stay informed and careful to avoid falling for scams. It’s crucial to remember that Mr. Beast has not endorsed any casino apps or giveaways. Any ads claiming otherwise are simply trying to take advantage of his reputation.

Is MrBeast Casino App Legit or Scam?

Is MrBeast Casino App Legit or Scam?

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