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Is CRUKS omzeilen possible?



Did you know that CRUKS omzeilen or in English bypassing CRUKS is quite easy, and even the online casino registration process is much faster and more efficient?

Bypassing CRUKS gives players a wider choice of the best online casinos and provides the largest selection of games. Welcome bonuses and other casino bonuses are much higher, and you play without a time and deposit limits. Discover the very best online casinos to bypass CRUKS with OnlineCasinosSpelen.

Top 5 Online Casinos to avoid CRUKS

Check out the list below of online casinos for CRUKS omzeilen to have a great time without limits and to take advantage of the best casino bonuses.

  • Starzino Casino: Top online casino to bypass CRUKS 
  • NewLucky Casino: Best paying online casino with CRUKS avoidance
  • AmonBet: Casino with the best player rewards to bypass CRUKS
  • Lalabet: Casino with top game offerings to avoid CRUKS
  • Zumospin: Best online casino with sports betting and avoiding 

What is CRUKS?

CRUKS is a registration system (Central Register of Exclusion of Gambling) set up by the Dutch government, and online casinos with a license in the Netherlands are required to join. It’s a self-exclusion system that allows players to exclude themselves from online gambling and visiting physical casinos in the Netherlands.

A licensed gambling provider in the Netherlands must perform a check with CRUKS when opening an account or logging in. Players who have excluded themselves are in the system of CRUKS, and the online casino is not allowed to admit these players. Players who are in CRUKS or for another reason want to bypass CRUKS have the option to play at casinos without a Dutch license.

CRUKS is intended for people who no longer have control over their gambling behavior concerning participating in (online) gambling games.

CRUKS offers players the option to take a gambling stop for all gambling providers that have a Dutch license. It is still possible to bypass CRUKS by playing at a foreign online casino that does not have a license in the Netherlands.

How can I bypass CRUKS? 

Bypassing CRUKS is very simple. The self-exclusion registry is only applicable to gambling websites that have received a license from the Dutch Gaming Authority. All you need to do to bypass CRUKS is to check the overview of foreign online casinos that are not connected to this self-exclusion system in the Netherlands.

There, you can open an account without the online casino checking if you are registered with CRUKS. Another way to bypass CRUKS is to use your second passport if you have dual nationality.

Bypassing CRUKS: Various Reasons and Considerations

There are multiple reasons why individuals might choose casino without CRUKS. For example, some may not want to be bound by various player limits or wish to gamble with high stakes. Others might reside abroad or want to use cryptocurrencies for their transactions. Avoiding CRUKS offers significantly more opportunities for players who prefer gambling with more freedom and options.

  • Criticism of CRUKS’ Effectiveness. CRUKS has only proven effective for players who exclusively gamble with Dutch-licensed providers. 
  • Greater Game Selection: The game offerings are limited at online casinos affiliated with CRUKS. If you’re looking for a broader selection, bypassing CRUKS is a sensible choice. 
  • Living Abroad: Players living abroad often can’t access CRUKS casinos due to geoblocking. 
  • Larger Bonuses: A strong incentive to bypass CRUKS is the opportunity to benefit from higher bonuses. 
  • Wider Range of Payment Methods: Gambling at foreign online casinos when bypassing CRUKS provides a broader selection of payment methods.

Pros and Cons of CRUKS Omzeilen

Bypassing CRUKS as a player generally offers more advantages than disadvantages. The casino bonuses are higher, the selection of games is broader, and there are more payment methods available. Moreover, gambling at casinos without CRUKS merely means playing at an online casino with a foreign license instead of a Dutch license.

Advantages of Bypassing CRUKS:

  • Higher bonuses with fewer restrictions.
  • Quick registration without CRUKS checks.
  • Access to top online casinos with foreign licenses.
  • A broader range of payment methods, including cryptocurrency.
  • More slot machines, table games, and live casino games from various providers.
  • Higher betting limits and no time restrictions on play.

Disadvantages of avoiding CRUKS:

  • The Dutch Gaming Authority offers no protection when bypassing CRUKS.
  • Self-exclusion must be requested separately at each foreign online casino.
  • No mandatory limits, meaning you need to exercise more self-control over your gambling behavior.

How to Safely Bypass CRUKS in Non-CRUKS Casinos?

If you’re planning to bypass CRUKS, it’s crucial to know how to do so safely. We’ve outlined several key points to consider. Playing safely and bypassing CRUKS is always possible at internationally regulated online casinos listed in OnlineCasinosSpelen overview.

  • License and Regulation: Check if the online casino has a foreign license, for example from the MGA in Malta or Gibraltar. The laws and regulations of the country that issued the license apply. 
  • Safety and Reliability: When bypassing CRUKS and playing in online casinos, safety is just as crucial as the reliability of the casino. It’s reassuring to know that providers with a foreign license are supervised by the gaming authority of that country. 
  • Budget Management: When avoiding CRUKS by playing at an online casino abroad, it’s vital to keep your gambling behavior under control. This can be achieved through budget management and setting aside a specific gambling budget.

Avoiding CRUKS is very straightforward and even offers many more opportunities to play safely and reliably at an online casino from the Netherlands abroad. Consider depositing with bitcoin or enjoying a much larger selection of games and massive casino bonuses.

All that is essential for bypassing CRUKS is playing at a foreign online casino with a license. You don’t need to figure everything out yourself, just choose from our top 5 casinos to bypass CRUKS. Avoid CRUKS and easily open an account to claim the highest welcome bonus and experience the ultimate online casino gaming.


  • How do I find a reliable casino to bypass CRUKS? In our overview, we only list reliable casinos to visit if you want to bypass CRUKS. The top 5 even provide the best online casinos to avoid CRUKS in the Netherlands. By choosing from these casinos, you can be sure of a good experience.
  • Is it legal to bypass CRUKS? The Dutch Gaming Authority does not monitor whether players bypass CRUKS. So far, no player in the Netherlands has been fined for avoiding CRUKS, even when gambling at an online casino abroad without a Dutch license.
  • What are the benefits of bypassing CRUKS? It is easier to open an account at these casinos. The welcome bonuses are higher, and there are no time limits on your playtime. Additionally, there are more payment methods available, such as cryptocurrencies, and the game selection is much larger and more diverse.
  • What is the registration period at CRUKS? The minimum registration period at CRUKS is 6 months, which can be extended to 99 years. After the chosen period ends, the registration automatically expires. If you are registered and don’t want to wait that long, try avoiding CRUKS through our recommended casinos.
  • Can someone else register me at CRUKS? A CRUKS casino can involuntarily exclude you and register you for a gambling stop. Additionally, under certain conditions, another person may register you. The Dutch Gaming Authority evaluates the application for an involuntary gambling stop but does not provide options for bypassing CRUKS.

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