I’m a gym girl – my style went from modest to ‘baddie’ to ‘main character’

A FITNESS lover has taken viewers on a trip down memory lane to show her gym fashion evolution.

She showed off four separate looks that exhibited her growing comfort level in the gym.


Gym girl Gina is an online fitness coach and person trainerCredit: TikTok/just__geen
She showed what she thought was the evolution of a gym girl's attire in a TikTok video


She showed what she thought was the evolution of a gym girl’s attire in a TikTok videoCredit: TikTok/just__geen

Online fitness coach Gina (@just geen) prioritizes her health and wellness and shares her skillset with others as a personal trainer.

She wasn’t always an expert and getting to an expert at her level took a lot of time.

In a TikTok video, she shared her take on the evolution of a gym girl’s attire.

Gina gave viewers a look at the multiple style phases women go through as they become more comfortable with their changing bodies.

The first phase she shows viewers is the shy girl dressed in a matching sweatshirt and sweatpants set, Converse All-Star high-top sneakers, a head wrap to protect her hair, and glasses on her face.

To further emphasize the look, she strolled into the gym facility looking down at her phone with a lack of confidence and a water bottle in her hand.

This phase was followed up by phase two, the modest one.

She walked into the room confidently wearing a black athletic cap on her head, black-rimmed reading glasses, a tan T-shirt, and black leggings with Converse sneakers and a large water bottle in hand.

When it came to phase three, Gina embodied the gym baddie.

Her black hair was in a chic straight style and she wore a form-fitting matching black set complete with leggings and a crop top.

To complete the outfit, a Louis Vuitton duffle bag was slung over her shoulder that she used as a gym bag.

The final phase was accurately called the main character.

Gina walked in oozing self-esteem in a bright orange two-piece shorts set that exposed her middle and muscular body.

She flipped her long black hair over her shoulder as she did her best model walk past the camera.

Many people related to at least one of the phases Gina played out.

“I love it yesss motivation honey yess,” one viewer commented.

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“I’m the girl that’s laid up in bed admiring your commitment,” a fan added.

“Modest but wanna be a baddie so bad,” another chimed in.

People praised her and some said she gave them ‘motivation’


People praised her and some said she gave them ‘motivation’Credit: TikTok/just__geen

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