I went to The Company Shop – there was mega cheap food but I had mixed thoughts

A MAN has revealed that he took a trip to The Company Shop to see if it would help him in the cost-of-living crisis, but was left with mixed reviews. 

Matthew Bellingham went to the bargain shop in Renfrew, Glasgow, Scotland and although he spotted some brilliant cheap buys, he explained that lots of the shelves were empty. 


A man has revealed that he visited The Company Shop, to see what the fuss was all aboutCredit: Tik Tok
Although Matthew Bellingham spotted a huge variety of products, including mega cheap food, he was left with mixed reviews


Although Matthew Bellingham spotted a huge variety of products, including mega cheap food, he was left with mixed reviewsCredit: Tik Tok
He noted that lots of the shelves were empty


He noted that lots of the shelves were emptyCredit: Tik Tok

The Company Shop is the UK’s leading redistributor of surplus food and household products.

It enables the biggest retailers and manufacturers to unlock value from surplus stock, which may have otherwise gone to waste.

You have to have a membership to shop at The Company Shop and once signed up, members can enjoy a unique way of shopping, with products from well-known brands at amazing prices, helping stretched budgets go further.

Membership is open to employees and pension recipients of the NHS, Care and Emergency Services, Prison Service, British Armed Forces, Charity and the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods supply chain.  

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Those in receipt of means tested benefits are also eligible.

Matthew took to TikTok to share his “honest review” of the shop, as he said: “Today I decided to check out The Company Shop.

“Now, personally, I think this is an amazing idea.

“They have so many bargains and it’s such a good way to help with the current climate of today’s cost-of-living crisis.

“They had everything you can think of.

“These soups were literally 75p, however, one thing I did notice is that the shelves were kind of bare and I did go on a Friday night, so I don’t know if it’s best to go early in the morning.

“They even had vapes, car things, make-up, everything you can think of was in this mother****ing shop, even alcohol.

“If you are eligible to get membership, you need to work for charity or the NHS or a public service, some benefits are also eligible to get membership, then definitely check it out, because I think it’s an amazing thing and respect to The Company Shop for making this possible.” 

Matthew’s clip has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly amassed 42.1k views.

It has 685 likes, 24 comments and 100 shares.

But social media users were also divided over The Company Shop, as many shared their thoughts on the chain in the comments. 

One person said: “You need to be there first thing in the morning.”

Another added: “Shelves being bare is a good thing as it’s the products being sold. They don’t get loads of stock like big supermarkets.” 

However, one user commented: “I don’t think everything is cheap there anymore.”

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Whilst another claimed: “Worst shop ever!!! When it first opened it was great, went downhill rapid!” 

Meanwhile, someone else asked “Anyone know if there is a better time or day to go?” to which Matthew claimed “Apparently they do a restock on a Sunday morning.”

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