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How streaming platforms are transforming the landscape of online casinos



Netflix and chill? How about chill and ka-ching?

According to a report by Exploding Topics on February 19th, the video streaming industry is forecasted to exceed $1.9 trillion by the year 2030. This statistics provides an overview of the streaming industry’s trajectory since it first became a thing and has been on a consistent upward projection.

In the UK alone, video streaming has become a massive hit to the point of dethroning video games as the top digital entertainment, which says a lot since the video game industry in the UK is massive, to say the least. This can be explained by how convenient most of the streaming platforms are such as Netflix and Prime Video, along with the variety of shows it offers to the subscribers, cementing its place as a staple go-to for entertainment at any desired time of the day.

But when it comes to online casinos, there is a surprising connection between these two aside from similarly operating in digital entertainment. In this golden era of technology, it’s no-brainer that businesses that operate virtually are bound to flourish if they utilise other businesses that complement their nature.

Streaming and casinos in the same sentence is not something new. Netflix and other streaming sites have movies and shows that depict or explore the casino scene such as Casino and Money, Explained, which may or may not have a direct correlation in terms of revenues but these shows provide a certain cue to people due to association. Some viewers have their curiosity piqued and prompting them to try exploring the casino scenes. With streaming sites’ massive viewership, well-paid partnership content can reap revenue when done the right way, with the right audience.

But in a newer context, streaming and casinos, particularly online casinos, have become more intertwined. Today, there is such a thing as casino streaming, which is exactly as it sounds: streaming online casino gameplay. The trend started around 2015, when content creators started posting themselves playing casino games like slots and roulettes and at the same time, creating a small community among their viewers. As the casino scene shifted into online operations, this trend was carried out as well, but in other streaming platforms such as Twitch, where people stream in real-time and make way for interaction and engagement.

In terms of streaming and revenue in online casinos, there are two notable things to consider: viewership and reputation. When a streamer has already established a well-sized viewership with their niche, the profitability is much higher than otherwise. With the touch of smooth marketing, it is easy to sway people into trying some online casino platforms, especially when there is transparency from the gameplay’s stream. This becomes a selling point to viewers as live streams are real-time, with little room for mercy when it comes to mistakes and carelessness.

Moreover, reputation is something that cannot be an afterthought. Good advertising is one thing, but credibility is something unparalleled. For example, the top Australian online casinos are featured and reviewed by reputable sites that curate an impeccable selection of online casinos to ensure marketability even with minimal promotions. When the casino being promoted is affirmed by reviews, it not only becomes more appealing to viewers when it comes to legitimate revenue but also from the fact that these sites are secured.

The rise of the streaming industry brings exponential growth not only to businesses under it but to adjacent industries that complement their nature. Streaming and casinos, with their own differences and similarities, are two things that bring profit to each other with the right mechanisms and wise management.

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