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GTA Online Glitch Makes Casino Dealer Vanish Mid-Game




  • Bugs in GTA Online, like the disappearing casino dealer, are common and can lead to frustrating moments for players.
  • Players often find humor in the odd glitches, joking about aliens abducting the dealer or her avoiding letting players win.
  • As fans await GTA 6, they hope for a smoother launch without the messy bugs seen in previous releases like GTA: The Trilogy.



A GTA Online player has experienced an odd glitch in which their casino dealer simply vanished into thin air. The bizarre moment is getting some laughs out of GTA Online‘s gaming community.

GTA 5 and GTA Online are certainly not without bugs. Rockstar Games’ most popular titles like Red Dead Redemption and GTA often contain odd glitches and bugs, though the worst of them are usually ironed out of the titles through patches. Open world games are often buggy, as the huge scale of the games can make it difficult to find every problem and fix them. It’s not limited to Rockstar, as Bethesda games are also notorious for being riddled with weird bugs, especially at launch.


How to Play GTA Online Alone

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In this particular case, a GTA Online player called AntTalexanderTarnold was sitting down to a game of Blackjack solo with an NPC dealer at the Diamond Casino and Resort. In a brief video, the NPC deals the player an opening hand of fifteen, and sets down a 3 in front of herself. She then turns to the player as they decide what to do. However, before AntTalexanderTarnold can do anything, the dealer seemingly loses interest, looking away from the table and returning to an idle pose. She then proceeds to hover off the floor for a moment before vanishing entirely.

It’s an unfortunate circumstance for the player, as they stated that after this they had to completely quit out of the game, as they couldn’t act without the dealer there. This led to them losing their chips, as well. There’s no solid explanation for what happened with the casino dealer, though this isn’t the first-known example of them glitching out on players. Dealers have casually walked away from games before, or even been sent flying randomly as though a vehicle had collided with them.

GTA Online Players Amused by Bugs

GTA Online players were quick to poke fun at the moment, joking that the dealer vanished in order to avoid letting the player win. Others mused that she was abducted by aliens and might have appeared on Mount Chilliad after the fact. It’s a moment that’s certainly amusing to watch, but could be quite frustrating if experiencing it for one’s self. It’s not clear what really caused this bug, as other than changing the camera perspective a few times, the player didn’t do anything before it happened.

With many fans of the franchise now looking forward to GTA 6, it will be interesting to see what kind of issues the game may have. Odd little bugs like this could pop up, but with any luck, the game will launch in a far better state than the GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition remaster, which was a mess of bugs and graphical issues when it hit store shelves.


GTA Online

October 1, 2013

Rockstar North

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