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Gaming Innovation Group Acquires Casinomeister for €3M, Unveils Revolutionary SweepX Platform for US Market



Gaming Innovation Group Inc. (GiG), a pioneer in digital marketing and media within the online gaming sector, announces the strategic acquisition of Casinomeister, an esteemed online casino advocacy and review platform. For over two decades, Casinomeister has been a stalwart advocate for transparency and fairness in gaming, earning a reputation as a trusted voice in the industry. This acquisition marks another significant milestone for GiG, following the successful integration of AskGamblers and KaFe Rocks, solidifying its commitment to enhancing transparency and improving player services across the online gaming landscape.

Preserving Casinomeister identity: 

Casinomeister will continue to operate under its respected brand within the GiG Media portfolio, preserving its unique voice and longstanding commitment to promoting integrity in online gaming. By leveraging the synergies between GiG Media and Casinomeister, the business anticipates substantial growth, akin to the successful developments seen with AskGamblers after its integration into the GiG ecosystem. With its authoritative standing and loyal community of users, Casinomeister’s addition further diversifies GiG Media’s offerings, reinforcing the company’s position as a leader in the industry.

Jonas Warrer, CEO of GiG, emphasizes the alignment between Casinomeister’s dedication to fair play and community support and GiG’s overarching mission to prioritize player advocacy. “Casinomeister’s renowned dedication to fair play perfectly complements our recent acquisition of,” says Warrer. “Together, these platforms will extend our market reach and enhance the complaint resolution services we provide to the community, reaffirming our commitment to transparency and fairness.”

Founder Bryan Baily echoes this sentiment, expressing his confidence in GiG’s ability to uphold Casinomeister’s values and principles. “I’ve dedicated 26 years to building this business,” says Baily, according to PR Newswire, “and it’s time to entrust it to a dynamic team who can lead it into the future. GiG Media’s long-standing reputation assures me they’ll maintain the integrity that Casinomeister stands for, ensuring a smooth transition and a bright future for the online gaming community.”

The transaction, structured as an asset purchase for €3 million, is expected to close in June, with GiG anticipating an immediate positive financial impact. As Casinomeister becomes fully integrated into GiG Media’s operations, further financial gains are projected, underscoring the strategic significance of this acquisition in driving growth and innovation within the company.

SweepX: revolutionizing social sweepstakes gaming with a strategic partnership:

In tandem with the acquisition of Casinomeister, GiG unveils SweepX, a revolutionary social sweepstakes casino platform tailored for the US market. This launch coincides with the announcement of a binding Head of Terms for a strategic partnership with Primero Games LLC, the largest land-based sweepstake operator in the United States.

SweepX integrates dual-wallet functionality, prize-rewards management, and AI-assisted content management, providing operators with a competitive advantage in the rapidly expanding US sweepstakes market. By leveraging GiG’s technology and expertise, Primero Games enters the online social sweepstakes casino arena, leveraging its extensive player database to drive rapid expansion and capitalize on emerging market opportunities.

According to the company’s press release, the sweepstakes gaming market has experienced significant growth, particularly in light of pandemic-induced market conditions. With an estimated market size of $3.1 billion in 2022 and a projected CAGR of +31%, reaching $6.9 billion by 2025, according to data shared by E&K, the potential for growth and innovation in this sector is immense.

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