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Funky Time Live Review – London Post



Welcome to our Funky Time Live review, where we will look to explore this live casino game and find out all which it has to offer. We will explore everything from the developers behind this game to the game’s energetic and colourful background setting to the actual gameplay experience and what sets it apart from other prize wheel casino games.

Funky Time Live Developers

Evolution Gaming stands as a trailblazer in the realm of online casino game development, renowned for its innovation and dedication to delivering unparalleled gaming experiences. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Evolution Gaming has swiftly ascended to become a global leader in the live casino sector.

Specialising in live dealer games and prize wheel games such as Crazy Time Live, Evolution Gaming revolutionised the industry by introducing a captivating blend of cutting-edge technology and an authentic casino atmosphere. Through state-of-the-art studios equipped with high-definition cameras, advanced streaming technology, and professional dealers, Evolution Gaming aims to replicate the traditional casino gaming experience in an online environment.

Funky Time Live Game Background

As you enter the studio, you’re greeted by a stage adorned with retro-inspired décor, complete with shimmering disco balls, colourful spotlights, a DJ booth, and a bar. Incorporating cutting-edge technology, Evolution Gaming’s studio is equipped with multiple camera angles that capture every angle of the action, ensuring you don’t miss a single beat.

With its lively ambience, dynamic visuals, and charming hosts, the Funky Time Live studio sets the stage for an entertaining gaming experience.

How to Play Funky Time Live

You start Funky Time Live by choosing a bet stake between £0.1 and £1,000 and selecting one or multiple options out of the 64-segment wheel to place a bet on. You get 17 options to choose from when selecting what to place a bet on, and these can be regular number segments, letter bets, or bonus game bets.

You will have a few seconds to place your bet before the wheel is spun. Once the wheel is spun, you will only receive a payout or prize if the wheel lands on a corresponding segment on which you placed a bet. Letter and number bets will provide players with regular payouts, whereas bonus game bets will provide players access to unique bonus rounds.

Funky Time Live Prize Wheel

The Funky Time wheel is where the gameplay of Funky Time Live takes place. As we have mentioned, there are 64 segments, which are broken up into 17 options. These options include:

  • Number 1 – 28 of the 64 segments and has a 43.75% chance of being landed.
  • Any Letter – 24 of the 64 segments and has a 37.5% chance of being landed.
  • Bar Bonus – 6 of the 64 segments and has a 9.38% chance of being landed.
  • Disco Bonus – 3 of the 64 segments and has a 4.68% chance of being landed.
  • Stayin’ Alive Bonus – 2 of the 64 segments and has a 3.13% chance of being landed.
  • VIP Disco Bonus – 1 of the 64 segments and has a 1.56% chance of being landed.

You can choose to bet on all letters at once as well as bet on all bonuses at once. This will affect the payout according to each selection’s odds.

Funky Time Live Bonus Features

Funky Time Live has 4 bonus features available. Each round has a different chance of being triggered, as we have just mentioned. The first bonus round, which is also the most frequently occurring bonus round, is the Bar Bonus. During this round, you will be greeted by a robot bartender who will present you with 3 different drink options. Each drink is hiding a multiplier that will be applied to your stake. It’s your job to pick a drink and try to predict the drink that is hiding the highest multiplier.

Then, there is the Disco and VIP Disco bonus round. In both of these bonus rounds, there is an animated character named Mr. Funky who dances on a vibrant animated dancefloor. This dancefloor features 37 colourful virtual squares, whereas the VIP bonus round features a 63-square dance floor. The live host spins an 8-segment mini wheel that can display 1 of 4 directions. Mr Funky starts out in the middle of the floor, and he will move in the direction displayed on the mini wheel.

As Mr. Funky moves his way around the dancefloor, he will pick up 2 types of multipliers. These include regular and floor multipliers. Floor multipliers will increase the value of collectable multipliers on the floor, while regular multipliers will be applied to your stake. The round will end when Mr. Funky falls off the stage.

Finally, there is the Stayin’ Alive bonus, which operates using a ball drawing machine and contains 90 coloured balls. You start the round at the bottom of a 20-step multiplier ladder and have 4 lives. You must pick a team colour of either green, pink, or orange. There are 2 and 1-step balls in every colour, and if one of these balls lands in your team colour, you will progress up the multiplier ladder by however many steps are on the ball. Furthermore, there are also black balls, which will make you lose your life and keep you on the multiplier ladder.

Funky Time Live Mobile Play

In conclusion, Funky Time Live is a very enjoyable live casino prize wheel game that has a vibrant setting and top-notch gameplay. Funky Time Live is an energetic casino game like no other that blends online casino gameplay, TV gameshow-style prize wheels and the music and retro-feel of 70s and 80s funk.

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