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From Vegas to Macau: Ultimate Casino Destinations for UK Players



The online casino industry has grown dramatically in recent years because it has improved the convenience and accessibility of gambling. Many players seek the thrill of iGaming, leading them to successful casinos within the UK or international online casinos accepting UK players. Gambling expert and author Nick Pappas explains international sites operate without the oversight of the UK Gambling Commission, and offer players unique games, bonuses, and more.

However, live casinos are still top-notch because they provide recreation even for non-gamblers. London is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world, and its casinos are a part of the interests contributing to its tourism. Here are some reasons why physical casinos attract players;

  • Traditional Gameplay: Playing casino games in person feels very different from the electronic nature of iGaming. You can throw a pair of dice on the board, watch a roulette wheel spin, or read your opponent’s faces in a poker game. Playing the game in person is the ultimate immersion experience.
  • Live Entertainment: Live entertainment is one of the attractions that convinces people to visit casinos and stay. Live theatres, operas, and concerts are engaging content that increases the allure of live casino gambling.
  • Side Attractions: Most casino destinations are located in cities that have plenty of sights and activities to keep visitors engaged. It means that you can never get bored if you take a trip to these locations because there is much to do besides gambling.

If you would like to experience gambling outside of online casinos, anonymous casinos, or the UK in general, here are a few destinations that are worth a trip.

1. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Las Vegas is the most famous gambling city in the world, thanks to decades of exceptional service from some of the best casinos in the world. Hollywood and pop culture are closely knitted into the Las Vegas experience, so entertainment is abundant, including live performances by popular figures.

The Bellagio, MGM Grand, Venetian, and other casinos on the strip are renowned luxurious attractions, but there are casinos in other areas of the city that cost less. For example, Fremont Street in the downtown part of Las Vegas is well-known as a less-expensive yet versatile option. The casinos and side attractions in Vegas keep the desert city alive around the clock.

2. Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

Atlantic City is another city in the United States that you must travel to as a gambler.

American casino culture is rich like the United Kingdom’s, and Atlantic City is the capital of this culture, although it gets less recognition than Las Vegas. Apart from playing at iconic casinos like Caesars and Borgata in Atlantic City, you can also experience fine dining and other aspects of American casino culture.

The ocean view from Atlanta City’s beachside presents a suitable atmosphere for gambling and other recreational activities. As a city nicknamed America’s playground, there is a lot of fun to experience outside the casinos as well.

3. Montreal, Canada

Montreal is a North American casino city that brings a European touch to its gambling scene.

The Casino de Montreal is the leading casino in the city that provides a tonne of regular casino entertainment. There are thousands of slot machines in this casino, and it is built with several poker rooms. Casino de Montreal has hosted several casino tournaments because of its facilities. Millions of gamblers visit the Casino de Montreal yearly for a unique taste of North American gambling.

4. San Juan, Puerto Rico

The Caribbean is always an excellent choice for relaxing trips, including casino tours. Visitors have more options in San Juan because there are multiple casino resorts and small-scale casinos in the city. The stunning sight of the coastal city and its lively atmosphere can be very relaxing, and there are several activities to engage in outside the casinos. There the vibrant streets of San Juan are often filled with live entertainment, so be sure to take a quick tour during your visit

5. Monaco

If you would prefer a city closer to the UK, you should visit the coastal principality of Monaco, where you can indulge in many interests besides casinos.

There are several casinos in Monaco, but the world-famous Monte Carlo Casino, officially called Casino de Monte-Carlo, is the most iconic. This casino has an international reputation for serving celebrities and big shots that visit Monaco. The Opera de Monte-Carlo is an opera house in the casino building that provides culture and entertainment. However, golfing and watching the Grand Prix are other interests that can also make your trip splendid—the Monte Carlo Casino centres on delivering luxury and exclusive experiences to high rollers.

6. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Sydney is another international casino city with an extensive gambling atmosphere. Sydney’s ace is the Star Sydney, a casino with a luxurious entertainment complex located in Pyrmont. The Star Sydney provides several casino games and accommodation in a convenient location in the city.

Professional gambling is an allure Sydney has to offer because it hosts many popular gambling competitions. However, the city is filled with several attractions, so you still have a lot more to experience outside the casino.

7. Macau, China

Macau is a special administrative region (SAR) in China often referred to as “the Las Vegas of the East” due to its abundance of casinos. Macau’s gambling revenue rivals Las Vegas’s because the city has many renowned casino chains, like MGM and Venetian.

Macau blends enough of Western culture with Eastern culture in the city, so much so that some parts of the city feel European. Just like Las Vegas, Macau casinos also invest in entertainment, so there is a good chance that you see famous entertainers perform. As a gambler from the UK, this unique city has something different to offer, so you should see it for yourself.

8. Marina Bay, Singapore

Marina Bay is another city in Asia waiting for gamblers to come and explore. Marina Bay Sands (MBS) is an integrated resort that has everything a gambler would want from a casino destination. There are thousands of rooms and slots in this casino and an endless list of traditional casino games. MBS provides a touch of extravagance in its service by hiring celebrities for its cuisine and entertainment. You can also experience more of this luxury in its boutiques.

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