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Free activities for Easter holiday with ‘health advantages’ for whole family



The outdoor activity supplies retailer GO Outdoors has recommended a number of fun activities that families can do this spring without spending a penny.

With Easter on the way, giving children across the country two weeks off school, many parents are looking for cheap activities that the whole family will enjoy.

Helen Skelton, broadcaster and ambassador for GO Outdoors, noted that spending some of the Easter holiday outside could come with a range of significant benefits.

She explained: “The outdoors is hugely important for improving physical health, mental well-being, but also for strengthening family bonds. As an opportunity to unplug from the distractions of technology, spending time outdoors with your family will create new positive, shared experiences.

“In addition, outdoor activities like treasure hunts and wildlife spotting can be especially beneficial for children as they stimulate creativity and problem-solving skills while allowing the whole family to benefit from the health advantages of spending time outside.”

First, GO Outdoors suggested that families head out to the countryside for some walks in nature, allowing everyone to appreciate some natural scenery and hear the vibrant wildlife that spring has to offer.

Whilst families who already have a busy schedule can always take a short stroll around a nearby park, tourists could always head a little further for a more pleasant hike.

In particular, the likes of the Cotswolds, the Peak District and the Lake District are all good choices for families looking to take a short break in the countryside for a few scenic walks.

However, families looking for something a little more unusual to do together during the Easter break were advised to try geocaching.

A kind of treasure hunt, this fun activity involves families look for hidden gems in their local area with a view of taking them as souvenirs and hiding their own elsewhere.

Nevertheless, families interested in going geocaching may wish to begin by looking for hints online, with many ‘treasures’ being particularly well hidden.

Finally, GO Outdoors advised families to never get put off by any adverse weather conditions, highlighting that they can all be prepared for.

Whilst temperatures are generally rising as April approaches, the company recommended that tourists always remember to pack coats, gloves and hats.

Those travelling for days out may wish to put spare clothing and other measures, such as an umbrella, in the back of their car.

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