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Flight attendant explains how to beat luggage restrictions



Budget flights are a fantastic way to save on a holiday but tourists might have some regrets when they see their luggage allowance.

Airlines such as easyJet and Ryanair often don’t include a cabin bag in the price of a ticket and tourists will only be entitled to a small under seat bag.

However, an easyJet flight attendant told luxury platform Velloy that there is a sneaky way to bring more on the plane.

They said: “If you’re looking for smart ways to up your baggage allowance, switch out your handbag for a rucksack or at least a large tote bag.

“By doing so you’ll have enough room in your normal bag, along with much more, whether that’s extra clothes or snacks for the flight.”

A rucksack will also squash down, making it much easier to fit under the seat than a suitcase with wheels.

Some frequent travellers also claim that airline staff are less likely to notice an oversized rucksack.

A flight attendant also shared a tip for travellers who want to try and score a free upgrade on their flight.

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