Five ways you can recycle at Broughton this global recycling day

To mark Global Recycling Day (Saturday, March 18), Broughton Shopping Park is supporting local shoppers with a series of ways to recycle at the centre’s retailers, from clothes and shoes to beauty packaging – sometimes with the chance to receive vouchers in return.

Global Recycling Day is an annual event that aims to raise awareness of the importance of recycling and encourage people to take action to reduce waste and protect the environment.

Alan Pruden-Barker, centre manager at Broughton, said: “Supporting the community is extremely important to us at Broughton, and doing our bit for the environment is a huge part of that.

“As a centre, we are committed to working towards a more sustainable future and we want to encourage our visitors to do the same. We hope by highlighting these great initiatives offered by our retailers we can help to make recycling even easier for local shoppers – not just this weekend, but beyond that too.”

Here are five recycling schemes you can make the most of at Broughton: 


The ‘Plastic Take Back Scheme’ from M&S helps customers to recycle plastic from any product in-store, regardless of whether it is an M&S product.

Crisp packets, yoghurt lids, multi-pack clothing bags and hangers are just some of the items which can be recycled and are difficult to do so at home.


The ‘Recycle at Boots’ scheme is aimed at hard-to-recycle beauty, healthcare and wellness products that cannot be put in recycling bins at home. Usually this is because they are too small (travel minis, mascaras), made of composite materials (make-up palettes, lipsticks) or made from non-recyclable materials (toothpaste tubes, lotion pumps).

Shoppers at Broughton can gain up to 500 Boots Advantage Card points when they participate, which is equivalent to £5 to spend in store.

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Through H&M’s Garment Collecting programme, you can take any unwanted clothes or textiles – from any brand and in any condition – to their Broughton store and receive a £5 digital voucher to use on your next purchase, as well as earn 20 ‘Conscious Points’ as part of its loyalty scheme.

Old garments are either marketed as second-hand clothing or recycled into something new entirely.


Primark’s ‘Let your pre-loved be re-loved’ initiative is available in the store at Broughton. It allows shoppers to take any unwanted clothing, towels, bedsheets, bags and footwear from any brand to labelled donation boxes in-store.

Asda Living

Asda at Broughton is offering a 10% off voucher at when you pack up and drop off your old clothes and textiles such as T-shirts, suits, jackets, trousers and home textiles in-store. Once dropped off, a discount code will be sent by email which can then be used online with any future purchases.

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