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F1 British Grand Prix LIVE: Results as Hamilton beats Verstappen to thrilling victory



F1 British Grand Prix LIVE: Results as Hamilton beats Verstappen to thrilling victory

“I don’t feel expectation at Silverstone – I just feel love” – Hamilton on British GP

Lewis Hamilton claimed his first win in 945 days and took a record-extending ninth British Grand Prix victory on a wet, wild and emotional afternoon at Silverstone.

It looked as though Lando Norris would secure his maiden success on home soil but he was left exposed by his flat-footed McLaren team in the changeable conditions.

As the Northamptonshire track dried out following a splurge of rain, Hamilton, trailing Norris by two seconds, peeled into the pit-lane to switch from intermediate tyres to the soft rubber.

Norris was critically left out one lap longer and when he emerged from the pits – after a sluggish 4.5 sec pit-stop – fellow Briton Hamilton had taken the lead to huge roars from the 164,000 sell-out crowd.

Hamilton rolled back the years over the remaining dozen laps to take his first victory since the penultimate round of the 2021 campaign in Saudi Arabia.

Max Verstappen finished second with Norris third as pole-sitter George Russell retired following a water system failure on his Mercedes.

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Lewis Hamilton wins the British Grand Prix (52/52)

This is it then, just over one lap left, Hamilton producing a masterclass to manage these tyres.

Could he do it? Verstappen closing, +2.522 to bridge.

Saudi Arabia 2021 was Hamilton’s last win, he can taste it!



Jack Rathborn7 July 2024 16:25


Lewis Hamilton wins British Grand Prix

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Jack Rathborn7 July 2024 20:00


F1 drivers’ championship standings

Jack Rathborn7 July 2024 19:40


F1 constructors’ championship standings

Jack Rathborn7 July 2024 19:20


F1 British Grand Prix 2024

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Jack Rathborn7 July 2024 18:55


Christian Horner congratulates Lewis Hamilton for victory

Horner says: “We could have won it! Mercedes looked like they had the control, then it was McLaren.

“But we got the call to go on the inter at the right time, one more lap on the interest, but until the others got more deg again, we dropped off. But we came back. Things levelled out. Which tyre for the final stint?

“We’d seen the soft not looking great. We went for the hard tyre and thought it was our best chance.

“You’ve got to congratulate Lewis, it’s been a long time, he’s a fierce competitor, so well done to him.”

Jack Rathborn7 July 2024 18:45


Jenson Button tips Red Bull to replace Sergio Perez in Red Bull seat

“They can’t let it go on forever,” Button tells Sky Sports. “If the next race he gets no points? Soon enough they’ve got to get him out the car, it’s tough.

“But for them, the manufacturers’ championship is important to them.”

Jack Rathborn7 July 2024 18:35


Max Verstappen reacts to British Grand Prix

“The team made the right call with the hard tyre, others went to the soft, I pushed as hard as I could to the end,” Verstappen tells Sky Sports. “I could close the gap a bit. It was enjoyable in the end.

“It could have been much worse. We maximise everything, that’s all we can do, we were not really there, if that’s a bad race? Second? Not many teams could do that.

“We have to try and go on our own strengths, but at the moment we don’t really have that.”

Jack Rathborn7 July 2024 18:25


Jenson Button warns Lando Norris over emotions

“Lando needs to be careful with his emotions,” Jenson Button tells Sky Sports.

“It can spiral out of control. You need to have your head in the right place, I don’t want him to be too down on himself.

“You don’t want to show your competitors you’re too down. It’s great for us viewers, but he shouldn’t be too down on himself.”

Jack Rathborn7 July 2024 18:15


Andrea Stella reacts to British Grand Prix and reveals two McLaren regrets

“Difficult conditions, many right decisions, but some we’d do differently, one more lap with Oscar before going to the medium tyres, we definitely lost time,” concedes Andrea Stella.

“The second call, with Lando, we should have gone on the medium tyres, rather than match Lewis [on soft tyres], it would have been the safer move.

“We’d have had more of a shot at the end, it’s easy in hindsight, it’s great for McLaren to be on the podium again. I’d like to thank all the men and women at McLaren for making this possible.

“For Oscar, not going one more lap, and Lando going on soft and not going on medium, it should be a call of the people. The drivers are ready and keep themselves busy, the people have more information to make this call. We learn.

“We’re excited and encouraged to be competitive at the front, it’s bittersweet. We could win the race but there are many positives.”

Jack Rathborn7 July 2024 18:05

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